Soccer Superstar

By: Sarah


On May 22, 1999 soccer star Mia Hamm scored her 108th national goal. Sure, you might be thinking ďItís just a goalĒ but this one single goal made her the worlds all time international scoring champion!

††††††† Mia Hamm was just like any other girl in the world when she was a child. On March 17, 1972, in Selma, Alabama, Mariel Margaret, the 6th child of Bill and Stephanie Hamm was born. Hamm spent most of her childhood on Air Force bases with her mother and siblings Garret, Lovdy, Caroline, Tiffany and Martin. With her siblings, Mia loved playing sports, especially soccer.

††††††† With her heart set on being on a soccer field, Mia enjoyed playing on her schoolís soccer teams as well. She played on Norte Dame Catholic High Schoolís team in Wichita Falls, Texas as a freshman and sophomore. The next year, Hamm attended Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke, Virginia for one year and lead the team to the 1989 championships.

††††††† Hamm is probably the Most Valuable Player ever to be on the U.S national team. In 1987, at the age of 15, Mia made the squad being the youngest player to ever make the team. That was a huge step for Mia. Even though she didnít even start college when she made the team, she still wanted a good education and go to her dream school.

††††††† The University of North Carolina was the perfect fit for this amazing athlete. Mia earned a soccer scholarship to attend. Even though she was on the national team, Mia didnít let the UNC Tar Heels down. She always put her best foot forward no matter what. The team went to the NCAA championships all four years she studied there.

††††††† Even though Mia Hamm was becoming a famous athlete, she still wanted to raise a family. She married her college boyfriend Christian Corey in 1994. But sadly in 2001 they got a divorce. Mia didnít stay single for every long. In November of 2003, Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra, a Boston Red Sox shortstop, got married. In 2007, and ten days after Hammís birthday, Mia and Nomarís twin girls arrived. Grace Isabella and Ava Caroline weighed over 5 pounds when they were born.

††††††† Mia isnít just a great soccer player, she is a great person too. When a heart raging moment struck the Hamm family, Mia didnít sit there and watch it happen. She had to find a way to help. In 1997, Garret Hamm, Miaís brother died because of a rare blood disease. Miaís eyes opened WIDE after that. She started supporting charities including Athletes for Hope, Childrenís Hospital Los Angeles, the Jeff Gordan Foundation, Sheckler Foundation and the Tony Hawk Foundation for many reasons like Cancer, Children, Health, Sports, and At-Risk Disadvantaged Youths. She even started her own foundation for her brother and other people that died of bone marrow disease.

††††††† Mia was an excellent soccer player. She was named a college All-American three times and set the Atlantic Coast Conference records for most goals and assists. With Mia as its star, the U.S national team won gold medals at the 1996 and 2004 Olympic Games and silver medals at the 2000 Olympics. Mia also led the team to win the 1991 and 1999 world cup. That means they are the best team in the WORLD!

††††††† As you can see, Mia Hamm is a great woman. She has impacted many peopleís lives in the world, and one of them is me. She has taught me to always to put my best foot forward and to never give up. She is a wonderful role model to many men and woman. She has touched my heart and I hope you all get a sentimental feeling about her. Mia Hamm is the worldís greatest soccer player in my eyes, and even though her soccer days are done, her amazing skills will always be remembered if she is on the field or not.







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