A Special You <3



A ring is round

It has no end

Thatís how long Iíll

Be your friend.


You are my inspiration

Having you in my life

Revived my sleep and devotion

You are indeed a special someone.


Loving you gives me hope

To free the misery that I coped

In those times I gave up

You came and stood me up.


Never will I forget

How you always cheer me up

Every time I am sad

And for that I am glad.


Whenever I am lonely

You were there for me

Keeping my heart alive

With your every smile

With you this road can go a few extra miles.


If this was a ceremony

You would be my inspirational honoree

And win a Grammy

I hope you know that you are a special you


So I dedicate this poem to you

In order to show how much you mean to me


My special someone!