Beyonce Knowles

By Sarita


Who is behind ‘’Love on Top, Countdown, and Best Thing I Never Had’’ being played repeatedly on the radio? Whose songs get everyone’s head bopping and feet tapping? A remarkable life, still running. An amazing voice. Lovely life. We owe it all to the lovely and talented Beyonce.

        It was a glorious day for expecting parents Tina and Matthew Knowles. This day was very special. One like no other. The calendar in the delivery room read September 4th of 1981.Thirty minutes later when Tina recuperated herself she had given birth to a wonderful American R&B and Pop singer, Beyonce Giselle Knowles. Who would have ever known she would become such a talented star? She was introduced to kindergarten when she was on this earth for four years. Although it gets to high temperatures in Houston, Texas, Beyonce loved to play outside with friends. Including her best friend Kelly Rowland, who later became a famous Hip Hop Artist. As life continued on in Performing Visual Arts ,happily dating  Jay-Z, everything changed on a winter morning in the year of  1997 (her senior year). She was introduced to stardom!

        After all, the struggle finding a name for her singing group, she finally came up with a final decision. Destiny’s Child. 2008 (two thousand eight) was a memorable spring for her. She started her marriage life with her lover, dover, Jay-Z. On April 21st , their marriage together started. An “a wonderful new beginning.” She says. Three years later the two lovebirds honeymooned in Maui. Later she announced that she was pregnant, and expecting in February of 2012.

        Although she is known for Single Ladies, she launched a clothing line in two thousand three (2003), along with her mother, Tina. Wow! What an accomplishment, she has been nominated 26 times for the Worlds Sexiest Woman, in the year two thousand five (2005). It was announced, in fall of September 2011, she would no longer be managed by her father. “We are just going our separate, professionally”. Beyonce states. Billboard 200 placed seven songs, from album 4, on their Top Hit songs list. Meanwhile, she is now 5` 7``, she has a numerous amount of nicknames. Such as Ju Ju, Maya, and Sasha, which is also the name of her hit album in 2010? “My greatest accomplishment I would have to say, was the time I sang “At Last” for President Barrack Obamas Inauguration night.” She exclaimed.

How generous is she? I am glad that you asked. In two thousand nine(2009), she donated her entire salary to the Cancer phoenix House, located in Arizona. This facility treats infections and diseases caused by drug and alcohol use. She also participates in 22 charities. Including: 46664, <3 Our Children, Feeding USA, Clothes Off Our Back, Kids Wish, and Artists 4 Peace & Justice.

As of New Years weekend of 2012, Beyonce was announced to have her first child, Jamal. His grandmother, Tina named him.

        As a result of being an amazing person, donating tons of her time to others, while being “The best wife EVER”, is hard to juggle while being a wife, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, and friend. Only she can do it with a positive attitude!










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