South Carolina


††††††††† South Carolina is an interesting state. The state joined the United States on May 23, 1788. It is known as the Palmetto State. Its state bird is the Carolina wren, the state animal is the white tailed deer and the state flower is the yellow jasmine. Furthermore, the first theatre, opera performed in America and public museum were in South Carolina. Finally, South Carolina is very interesting because of its people, history and land.

††††††††† There are many different land regions such as: the piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Atlantic coastal plains, and many more. The Blue Ridge Mountains are North West part of the state; the piedmont is right next to it. South Carolina has the Atlantic Ocean on its right. It also has the Atlantic coastal plains. The climate in the summer could get humid, in the winter it is about 50%. Black Bears and alligators live in South Carolina. Alligators live in marshes.

††††††††† Many South Carolinians have European back rounds. Many of them are English, French, German, and Scottish. There are a group of people who originate in South Carolina called the Gullah speaking people. Gullah blends with English and West African. Many of them live on islands on the coast. To make there living they do many things, a cool thing they do is make baskets from island grasses. In the 1500s Native Americans lived in South Carolina. South Carolina has one reservation for Native Americans. The place is called Catawba reservation. A reservation is land set a side for use of Native Americans.

††††††††† The first people who came to South Carolina came about 10,000 years ago. About 50 Native American tribes where in the state in the 1500s. In 1521 Spanish explorers landed at Winyah bay. In 1526 they started a settlement. French people in 1562 settled near present day Buford is. Cause of hunger and disease they didnít last long. When it was part of the thirteen colonies, it was a rich colony. It was the only colony growing rice and indigo. The Revolutionary war was pretty big in South Carolina. They held off the English army until 1780. South Carolina had the most battles and skirmishes in the revolutionary war. In Charleston British troops fired on fort Moultrie made out of palmetto trees, and the canon balls didnít even go through the trees. Thatís why itís called the palmetto state. South Carolina took a big toll in the civil war. The first shots of the civil war fired at fort Sumter in Charleston harbor. It was a Union fort. Union troops burned many farms and plantations and burned the state capital Columbia. Union boats stopped trade at Charleston. In world war two the Charleston navy yard built about 200 fighting ships.

††††††††† There are many businesses in South Carolina. One of biggest business is Government. The other major businesses are: professional and business services, retail trade, manufacturing, education and health services, and leisure and hospitality Tobacco is one of the leading crops. Soy bean and cotton are really important plants. Fishingís main catches are: shrimps, crabs, clams, and oysters. The things you can mine there are limestone, granite, and clay that is made into plates. Mining isnít very big.

††††††††† In conclusion South Carolina is a great state. Charleston and Columbia are interesting cities. Charleston has an unbelievable amount of history. There are houses dating back to the 17 and1800ís. You could visit fort Sumter where you have to take a boat to get there. Also you can go in an air craft carrier, battle ship, and submarine from world war two. Visitors could take a tour of the historic city. Its states military collage is there too. Columbia is the state capital. There are still shell marks from the union soldiers on the state house walls. Also there are many beaches, islands, and mountains in South Carolina. It is such a great state to visit, learn, and live. All an all South Carolina is a great, interesting, and a wonderful state.