Dear Jake,†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Grrr! Jake every time I walk you decide to bark and jump at the neighbors. You spring in the air like a kangaroo. People think that you are going to attack them. For Instance when you bark you can really hurt someone. Also you could get them covered in mud. Think how mad you get everyone. Jake I know that you donít want to be yelled at. If I were you I would stop the barking and jumping.

††††††††† Please stop barking! You terrify the neighbors. Jake, in addition to that, you interrupt people when their on the phone or just having a conversation. Because you bark you irritate the whole family by waking them up in the morning. We need are sleep too. By the way I have school in the morning and I canít have you barking. Furthermore you jump on my face when Iím snoozing just so you can look out the window. Donít be so selfish.

††††††††† Iím begging you! People believe that you are vicious. Put yourself in that personís shoes and some little dog came jumping and barking on you. I know you get excited but try to calm your self down. Itís very annoying when I canít even take you for a walk with out you seeing other people and barking. If you try to be friendly maybe you can get a dog treat. If you barked less people wouldnít have to hurry up and get where there supposed to be. Jake if I had a dollar for every time I told you to be quite I would have a trillion dollars. Jake you irritate everyone.

††††††††† Jake it will give us more time to play games instead of you barking at the door. Also you can go to the dog park you always want to go to. If you barked and jumped less many people would want to pet you. Jake tons of more dogs will want to be your friend.

††††††††† In conclusion to that Jake you wake me up in the morning. People think that youíre very mean. You get people muddy and you could hurt them. Think how mad you get them. Remember if you stopped you can get more treats and toys and you can go to the dog park.





†††††††††††† Stefanie