Dear Mr.B,

Why should you give homework? Maybe you should look in your cold soul and donít give us homework! I have better things to do like go out and hang out with friends or play Xbox. We learn it in class. So why should we do it at home. In addition I could also relax and watch some television.

††††††† We learn it in class! Why would you make us do it at home when we learn it in class? Letís put it this way. If you want to let us suffer go right ahead. But, why would you want to waste time telling us the homework while you could be doing something worth your while. For instance you could talk to your wife or do things on the computer. Think about it before you keep giving homework.

I have to take care of my pore mother. She needs help with cooking and she needs help carrying things. She had surgery and canít lift heavy things. But, I canít help her; however you donít care youíll just give us homework anyway. You are not just making me suffer you making my mom suffer also.

I could do something better. Like ride a bike or go play street Hockey! I know, Mr.B you like hockey. We could be doing that every day if we didnít have homework. Or we could be playing Basketball, football, soccer, baseball. All of those things we love to do we could do every day if we didnít have homework. If we donít have homework we could gout out some were and do something with friends or family. People need that time to time and we canít have that if we have homework. Why should you have to give homework when you can do something more interesting?

Mr.B Please donít give homework. We learn it in class. I have to take care of my pore mother. And, we could be doing something better. So, please, please donít give homework. You should be relaxing and not worrying about is so and so going to do his homework or is so and so going to finish his writing. So, please Mr.B donít give homework!