Neil Armstrong was born on August 5, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. He was the first of two children with his little sister June. While he was growing up, his father was an accountant so he had to move many times. When his father showed him planes, he liked them so much that he toke flying lessons. Later on when he was 16 he got his flying license. When he went to collage, he went to Purdue University and there he studied aeronautical engineering. A few years later, in 1950, he was called to fight in the Korean War.       

          When the war was over, he came back and married Jan Sherdon and lived in a log cabin in San Gabriel, CA. A couple of years later his son, Eric, was born. Next he was a test pilot for an X-15. Then his daughter, Karen, was born. After that he was an astronaut trainee. Later he was the commander of the Gemini 8 mission. Next he was a professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Finally he was a chairman for AIL, an electric company.

          Neil Armstrong’s career started with him being in the backup for the Gemini 5 mission. His last mission was the Apollo 11 mission, which he was the captain of. When the Apollo 11 mission, a mission to the moon, was successful, he became the first man on the moon. From that he earned two medals. The two medals were the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which was given, is the president for national interest off the U.S. The other medal he earned was the Congressional Space Medal of Honor which was only given to a few astronauts.

          Neil Armstrong also had an impact on others. He had courage in the Korean War which might have made people happy that he was fighting for them because people in Korea knew he cared about their country. After he went into space some people might have been inspired to be an astronaut. After that we now know what we can put up in space because he went up there. Finally, now people know people know if they put their mind to something they can do it. For example Neil love flying and practiced at it and became an astronaut.

          Neil Armstrong’s life was very amazing and admirable. One way that his life was amazing was that he was in 78 combat missions. He also earned 3 medals for his courage in the Korean War. His life is also admirable. It is admirable because he took a chance of going into space. From that he became the first man on the moon. After he was on the moon he toured 28 cities and 25 countries. This is admirable because not that many people can do that.