Sam Potts


          Long ago in California there was a born baby named Sam Potts. Sam was the most incredible baby in the world. “Hi mom, hi dad,” said Sam.                                              

“Honey come quick Sam is speaking!” yelled mother shockingly. Sam` s parents were amazed that Sam could talk, but his brother was not.

“Hay little bro you can talk, but can you run?” said Sam` s brother. Without saying anything on go Sam and his brother ran one mile, but before Sam` s brother ran his second mile Sam was back. Sam` s parents thought Sam was so fast, that they said he was as fast as the speed of light.

          Then, when Sam` s brother got back he said, “This is not over yet.” As Sam` s brother got his breath back the two boys arm wrestled to see who was the strongest.

          “One, two, three, go!” said the kid` s mother. AS soon as Sam` s mom said go Sam took his brother down in a flash. It was so swift that you could not see Sam` s hand when he took down his brother.

          “I give up,” said Sam` s brother. Sam` s parents were very excited to have Sam in their family. As the days went by Sam got stronger and faster. At age four Sam was able to juggle five fifteen pound bears. At age eight Sam raced against the fastest runners in the state and won. Sam` s parents were astonished at Sam from the day he was born. Sam did not just use his speed and strength for fun, he also used it for good. One example is that when Sam` s family needed food, instead of them going to the market he offered to use his incredible speed and strength to go and pick up groceries. Another example is that when Sam and his family were moving he would help them carry the boxes onto the truck. As the years went by Sam` s family was living a very good life. Also during the years, Sam got stronger and faster quicker than ever. At age thirteen Sam was able to make a hurricane, his speed was so fast. Sam was also able to pick up three anchors easily. Sam` s brother was very jealous of Sam, he did anything to make Sam look like a fool in front of their parents. Sam` s brother tried making Sam pick up the Twin Towers, so that he could drop it, but Sam did not drop them. Sam` s brother also tried to make Sam, make a tornado and blow the crocodiles away. Then, Sam` s brother new that Sam was gifted. From that day forward Sam and his brother were best friends forever. Sam was oafishly the strongest, fastest man in the state of California.

          Then, one damp day there was a jaguar named Jason, he was fast and muscular. Jason thought he was better than everybody. When Jason saw Sam pick up ten boats he called him out.

          He said, “Hay what do you think your doing,” said Jason. 

          “I am picking up some boats,” said Sam.

          “I challenge you to a speed and strength contest,” said Jason. Sam and Jason had to run to the next state and back then, they had to wrestle with each other. When Sam said go they were off like cheetahs. Jason was in the lead, he got back in eight seconds and Sam got back in nine seconds. When they started wrestling Sam took down Jason, and then when Sam punched Jason, he was done and said, “I give up your to strong.” Jason left as soon as he got the chance to, and from that day on Sam was once again the strongest fastest man on earth.