Nathienal Lightning



Way back yonder, in the time of Mike Fink, there also lived another hero named Nathienal Lightning. When he was born, he jumped out of his mama’s lap and raced his 15 brothers up Mount Rushmore and won.  When he was five days old he graduated from Princeton Collage, the finest collage in New Jersey.                    

     When he graduated he became the best farmer in all of North America.  One day a drought came to all of New Jersey. Millions of people died .Nathienal was determined to find a solution. He drained the Mississippi River through a straw .then he dug a canal so that the Mississippi river would be connected with the Delaware River. This solved the problem and Nathienal was given an award for it .One day, while Nathienal was walking in the woods, he heard a strange sound.

“Jumping jacks!” he exclaimed. “What was that?”

Then after five quick bounds, he found small baby horse lying on a small pile of leaves. It had syrupy brown skin and sky blue eyes.

     Nathienal scratched his beard and said, “I think I will call you Dave.”

After that Nathienal and Dave were great buddies. They fit together like peas in a pod .Dave grew up to be a wild stallion. Only Nathienal could ride him. Anybody else who tried to ride him was bucked off to Jupiter.

One bright spring, while Nathienal was hiking on the mountains, he met a boastful girl named Savanah Hanna.

“I can out run, out talk, and out smart any body in the whole world!” she bragged,   “We will see about that!” Nathienal yelled.  “I challenge you to a race!”

 “I will do it,” she said with a devilish smile.

“Ok then, ready, get set, go!” Nathienal shouted.

They raced up and down the mountain in 2 seconds. But still Nathienal won. It may have been 5 days later or so, but who cares, anyway Savanah Hanna came back and declared that she wanted a rematch. But this time it was a swimming race.

“You do not know who you are challenging,” Nathienal said.

     But still Nathienal traveled with Savanah to the Delaware River.

     “Ready, set, go!” yelled Nathienal.

     Zoom! In less than 2 seconds they were back. But nevertheless, Nathienal won by a teeny hair. But instead of getting mad, upset or anything else that Nathienal expected, Savanah’s face lit up.

     “I have always thought I was stronger than you but you have proved me wrong,” said Savanah. “So I would love to be your partner.”

     And they became partners the very next day. The strong couple have invented industries like the Special Olympics and had 16 children all strong and smart.