Ramone Our Hero




Long ago, there was a boy named Ramone. At birth, Ramone could talk, and had the speed of light! The whole family was shocked. Ramone had six older brothers, but he didn’t care.

“Hey I‘ll go get dinner,” said Ramone.

In three seconds, Ramone was back with fresh fish. Ramone’s brothers thought that he was a robot. He wrestled all of his brothers, and beat them. At the end, he would say “Arrr.” You can tell Ramone was into pirates.

When he was nine, he left his village to see new things. He said that he would be back. Ramone spent time with animals. He saved lives and protected friends. He helped animals with their problems.

When he got older, he left the animals to take over the number 2 ranked pirate crew. He wanted to make them number 1. Ramone found the crew on grizzly lake. When Ramone asked if he could join the crew, the pirates all laughed. Ramone got angry and beat up all of the pirates at the same time.

All of the pirates changed his mind and had Ramone be captain. Ramone taught all of the pirates what he knew. A year later, it was time to face Count Reckular’s crew. They were the number one crew. It was tough trying to find them.

They fought other crews. They fought in storms. One time they almost lost, but Ramone saved the day. They were all getting a huge workout. They went through all of the seven seas, but couldn’t find them.

When Count Reckular heard that Ramone was coming for them, he screamed as loud as ten tubas being played at the same time!  He screamed because he knew that his crew wasn’t prepared. The count gathered his crew, and had them set up everything.  Meanwhile, Ramone and his crew spotted the crew that they were looking for. Then, both captains knew that it was time to battle.

The ships lowered their anchors and started to fight. They fired the cannons. Ramone’s crew boarded the Count’s ship.

“I’ll go get the Count,” said Ramone.

This was a fight that none of the pirates knew who the winner was. Ramone started to fight Count Reckular. The rest of Ramone’s crew won the fight. Now, it was up to Ramone.

Reckular almost beat Ramone, but he held in there. Finally, Ramone trapped the Count. His last words were “you beat me.” Ramone’s crew was now number1!

Everybody remembered this day. Now, people call Ramone” Ramone Our Hero.”