Wa, wa,” that’s the sound of a normal babies cry.  Not this one!  The first thing

that came out of this baby’s mouth was, “Try to catch me, if you can! “She ran around the hospital bed about five times before she got tiered.  When the doctor smacked her on the but she smacked him back!  She was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and moved to Albany, New York when she was only two months old.  Her parents named her Jenny, short for Jennifer.  They also put her in a lot of television shows.

When she reached the age of one, she knew all of the words in the world and could do eighth grade math.  A few years later, she was four, and was considered the fastest person in America! She was so fast, that I think she ran a mile in a minute.  She was a tomboy, and played four sports; football, baseball, soccer, and basketball.  She ran five marathons and five races.  She only won four of her races.  She lost to a boy named Jonny Perez.  He was known as “thunder.” On the day of the third race she said, “If you are known as thunder then I am known as lightning!” The next two races she went to Johnny weren’t there.  “I guess he is afraid of me,” said Jenny.  From now on Jenny was known as lightning.  Not one person called her Jenny anymore.  She did happened to get called Jenny one more time, but she just ignored them until they called her lightning. 

          Jenny got accepted to college at a very young age.  She met some friends, but they were all at least five years older than her.  She went to Harvard College.  Since she was a tomboy most of her friends were boys.  She had only two girls that were her friends.  They were tomboys too! She wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, that’s why she

went to college.  She wound up not becoming anything.  She went to college for three years and graduated at the age of 15.  A few years later she got married to a guy named Larry, and had five kids.  Two girls and three boys.  Jenny also had another baby on the way. “The weird thing is,” said Jenny, “none of my kids are abnormal like I was.”

          “I know, it’s weird,” replied Larry.

          Jenny wondered “Do you think this one will be?”

          “I am hoping” Jenny was only three months pregnant.  She found out that the baby was going to be a girl.

          “I think I want to name her after me, Larry.”

          “That’s fine,” he said.

          “I am just having that feeling!”

          The next day they herd a knock at the door.  Larry opened it and it was a man.

          “Who are you,” asked the man?

          “I’m Larry,” he replied,” who are you?”

          “I am Jonny, but call me thunder,” he said, “I am looking for a Jenny.”

          “One minute, I will get her.” Larry went back into the house and got Jenny.

          “Thunder?” she screamed.

          “That’s my name” he sounded like a real wise guy! “I came to beat you in a math off!”

          “O.k. fine” They had 100 problems to do mental math and whoever was done first was the winner.  Larry was the referee.  He just happened to have a whistle in his bedroom draw!

          “On the sound of my whistle you will begin,” he said.  He blew the whistle and Jenny was so fast, that before the whistle echo was finished Jenny was done.  Jonny was only on number two when she was finished.

          “Maybe you can beat me in a math off, but not in a race!”

          “Oh I don’t know, I’m pregnant.”

          “What are you a baby?”

          “Fine, fine I’ll race,” she said.  After the race Jenny wound up winning.  The next day she got rushed to the hospital to have her baby.

          When the baby came out this what she said, “Try to catch me if you can.”  Now that’s a different story!