The Tale of Jessica Rombie


       One day, an adorable baby was born.  Sally, the mother named her Jessica.  Sally took Jessica home from Saint James Hospital.  As soon as they got home, Sally called Nick, Jessica’s dad.

       “Hello,” answered Nick.

       “Honey, Honey, guess what? I had the baby!” screamed Sally.

       “Congratulations sweetheart.”

After Sally got off of the phone with her husband, Jessica was put to bed.  She was having a hard time falling to sleep, so Sally gave her attention.  Suddenly, the phone rang so Sally put Jessica on the couch.  When Sally got back from talking on the phone, Jessica was sound asleep on the couch.  Two minutes after Sally was done staring at Jessica, she took her to the crib.  Sally hooked the baby monitor up to the crib.  She went to make a bottle for Jessica and herd the strangest thing.

       “You can’t catch me.” She heard on the monitor.  Sally ran strait to Jessica’s room and saw Jessica standing in her crib saying “You can’t catch me.” Sally was in shock.  Sally took Jessica to the park so that Sally could cool down.  She met a 1 year old named Ashlee.  They played and laughed until Sally discovered something about the both of them that was amazing.  They could both run super fast.  So when Jessica was 6, Ashlee and Jessica decided to have competitions to see who was faster.  One day, Jessica met a boy named David.  Jessica and David both liked each other a lot.  The day after, David proposed to her.  In a heartbeat, Jessica said yes.  The only problem was that the wedding date was on the exact date of the biggest competition between Jessica and Ashlee.

       The next day, Jessica met Ashlee in the park for another battle. Jessica won as usual. After the contest, Jessica asked Ashlee if they could postpone the battle until 6:00 pm. Ashlee hesitated for a while until she finally said fine. Jessica was so happy now because she could have her wedding without worrying about having to battle Ashlee.

       So after the wedding and the party were over, Jessica went to face Ashlee. After hours of fighting, we finally had a winner.

       “And the winner is…,” the announcer announced “Jessica.”

       “Yes!” Jessica was so happy that she raced home to tell her husband. So the battles still continued for as long as Jessica lived in that town.