Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By Melissa, Athul, Alex, Ananya, and Harrell


There once was a family

Who was very poor.

In their house was only one bed.

It was a great bore.


The boy’s name was Charlie.

On his birthday he got no toy.

Instead he got a Wonka Bar

When he ate it he was filled with joy.


Grandpa Joe tells Charlie a story

About a man called Prince Pondicherry.

He wanted a house made of chocolate.

The house was out of the ordinary.


Spies went to steal Wonka’s ideas,

The act was very severe.

It hurts Mr. Wonka’s feelings

And took away his cheer.


Mr. Wonka hands out tickets

Colored bright gold.

They are under candy bars

Waiting to be sold.


The first finder is Augustus Gloop.

He is very fat.

The second is Veruca Salt.

She’s such a brat.


Charlie’s birthday is coming up;

It’s coming very soon.

He will get a Wonka Bar

Before the time of noon.


The third finder is Violet Beauregarde

A famous gum chewer.

The fourth finder is Mike Teavee

He is such a TV viewer.


Grandpa Joe gives Charlie a dime

To buy a Wonka Bar.

They weren’t very lucky.

There is no glistening star.


Charlie finds a whole dollar

Lying in the street.

He finds it near a gutter,

Right there next to his feet.


Charlie wins the golden ticket

And was filled with surprise.

Photographers were taking his picture

Because he won the last prize.


Charlie shows it to his parents

And to Grandpa Joe too.

Charlie was very happy

That the contest was finally through.


The winners go to the factory

Waiting to go in.

The gates are starting to open;

The adventure will soon begin.


They meet Mr. Wonka

A very silly fellow.

He has a small goatee

And he wasn’t very mellow.


They go into the factory

And into the chocolate room.

There are candy  buttercups

Waiting to finally bloom.


Wonka’s workers are Oompa Loompas

Straight from Loompa Land.

There’s nothing strange about them

Their sighting was quite grand.


August Gloop starts drinking the river

And gets sucked up the pipe.

The suctions go him stuck in there

The situations very tight.


Charlie and the others

Go on a big pink boat

Made out of boiled sweets

That can actually float.


The children go to the inventing room

Where toffee and gobstoppers are born.

It was a magical sight to everyone

That surely could be sworn.


He showed the gum maker,

A wonderful machine.

It poured all the ingredients

Into a small canteen.


Violet tried Wonka’s gum

And became a blueberry.

She as rolled to the juicing room

In a small pink ferry.


They passed a lot of rooms,

Like square candy that looks round.

Mrs. Salt did not approve

And turned with a frown.


Veruca goes to the nut room

And wants a squirrel of her own.

The squirrels decide she’s a bad nut

And down the garbage chute she’s thrown.


They go in a big elevator

Made out of pure glass.

It has many buttons for rooms

Which they can overpass.


They to the television room

Where you can transfer stuff,

Chocolate bars, cereal boxes

And even marshmallow fluff.


Mike wanted to be on TV

Like all the other stuff.

Wonka said, “It will have a price.”

Mike found out it was not a bluff.


Everyone leaves because of their mishaps.

Charlie’s the only one there.

They go to the glass elevator

And out of the roof they tear.


The other children all go home.

They wished they never came.

They never recovered from their problems.

It really was a shame.


Since Charlie is the only one left;

He wins the grand prize.

The prize is the factory,

To Charlie it was a surprise.