Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By Yasmin, Brianna D., Alexis, Brianna M., Cristina


Charlie is a little boy

Who lives in a small house.

He doesn’t have enough food

Not even for a little mouse.


Charlie has four grandparents

Who always tell him a story

About Willy Wonka’s factory

And all of its glory.


Mr. Willy Wonka made a

Palace for Prince Pondicherry.

After it melted, the prince,

Was not very merry.


Mr. Willy Wonka hired

Mysterious creatures

To work in his factory

To make all of his features.


Mr. Willy Wonka

Made five tickets of gold.

He put them in chocolate bars

And then they were sold.


Then two people found

The tickets of gold.

Everyone was excited

In their household.


For his every birthday

Charlie gets candy.

He gets a Wonka Bar

And it is very dandy.


Then there are two more

Golden tickets found.

Charlie was upset and

He was so down.


Grandpa takes a gamble

And gives Charlie a dime!

He bought a Wonka bar

For the very first time!


There was no food

In Charlie’s household.

They began to starve

In the freezing cold.


Charlie found a dollar

Lying on Earth’s floor.

He bought two Wonka bars

At the candy store.


He found the last ticket;

It was a great surprise.

He did not sell it

Because he was wise.


The day had come and

He went to the factory.

He stood by the gates

And was very, very happy.


Then Mr. Willy Wonka

Came out to the gate.

He was very excited

And he was not late.


During the tour

They entered a room.

Everything was candy

That they began to consume.


In the chocolate room

They saw creatures.

They looked like people

With many human features.


Everyone was amazed

With this wonderful sight.

Then Augustus fell in the river

And it gave the people fright.


Then they went into a boat

Made up of pink glass.

They wanted to go in

All of the rooms they passed.


They went from the boat

To the inventing room.

They wanted to stay

But they had to zoom.


In the inventing room

They saw a gum machine.

It poured out many colors

Like yellow, blue, and green.


Violet chewed a stick of

Wonka’s magic gum.

She turns into a blueberry.

Who knows what is to come?


Mr. Wonka was in a hurry

Running passed each door.

There wasn’t much noise

Except the feet hitting the floor.


Mr. Wonka said all the candies were round

From behind the tall glass door.

The visitors didn’t believe him

So they went inside to explore.


Veruca wanted a squirrel

Really, really bad.

Then she fell down the chute

And everyone was glad.


Mr. Wonka had an elevator

That went very, very high.

It can go many ways

And even touch the sky.


Mr. Wonka went into

A room with a big TV.

When Mike Teavee went in

He was full with lots of glee.


Once they arrived in

The chocolate TV room,

Mike Teavee gets tiny

And faces his doom.


The journey is over

And Charlie has won.

When he got home,

The journey was done.


The children recovered

And went home in a truck.

It was filled with candy

That they could suck.


Charlie got some candy

And a big surprise!

He got Wonka’s factory

And all of the supplies!