Nancy Smith




One day in Maine Nancy Smith was born. She leaped out of her parent’s arms and ran up and down the hill in no time at all. Her parents were amazed.

More amazement came to them during her childhood. At two, she was called the fastest person alive. At four, she had over 200 medals.  At ten, she left to find somewhere exciting because she thought Maine was boring.

She ended up in Delaware where she thought was the most exciting place in the world. There she had space to do whatever she wanted.

One day Nancy was swimming in a lake and met a girl named Sally Tack. Nancy could tell she wasn’t friendly so she challenged her to a race. Sally accepted and they began. Nancy won with no effort at all. Sally was angry but yet amazed. She ran off looking very angry.

Nancy went on with her life discovering her special talents. She was strong and fast. Her talents helped her throughout her life. She met many people who thought they could defeat her. This pleased Nancy because she could practice her talents on other people. She got very tired after every battle. She said she wanted to move somewhere quiet.

This time she ended up in Pennsylvania .She made a permanent house and settled in. She had never relaxed before. She loved the peace and quiet.

After she was done relaxing she went for a swim. She found a very nice lake. She swam alone a few hours before it became very crowded. She got out and found a different lake. Their was only one other person in the lake. That person was Sally Tack. She had followed her to get revenge. She said, “Let’s have a race. Up and down the mountain but first 100 laps around the lake.” Nancy accepted and they began.

The race began. Sally was in the lead but Nancy took care of that. She used her talents to speed through those laps. When Sally was on her first lap Nancy was already going down the mountain. Nancy won and Sally was defeated.

Sally challenged Nancy to the final race .She said, “Through the forest, up and down the mountain, through the meadow and back.” Nancy didn’t say anything she only started. Sally ran behind her. Nancy ran through the forest like a cheetah. Soon she was heading back to the starting line. Nancy had won.

Sally gave up trying to be better than Nancy. She went back to Maine very sad and angry. Nancy was glad she won the race because she could relax without being bothered. She could live in peace once more.