Crocodile Catching Cory Corksmith


            In Kentucky there lived a family of two. A newborn baby was expected to come. The mother waited impatiently for it to see her child. One foggy day the mother looked out the window and could only see green. She looked closer and yelled, “CROCODILES!’’ The father ran in as fast as possible and found her on the ground. She hadn’t been attacked; she was ready to have the baby!

          Out came the baby speechless. The crocodiles were getting closer! The parents were losing hope. Suddenly the baby got up and ran around so fast that a tornado formed. It blew all the crocodiles away that they could see.” May I introduce myself, I am Cory Corksmith, and you are my parents.”

“May we introduce ourselves?”

“Yes,” the father replied

“I am Rachel Corksmith and this is Tom Corksmith.” Rachel looked out to see where the tornado had gone and instead saw a nearby alligator. Cory ran over to and carried it on his back. “Now we are a family,” Cory said.

Many years passed by and Cory was beginning to age. He was now about four to five years old. He wanted to go camping for a while now and decided to go on this day. His mother hated to see him go, but watched him leave happily. He was running so fast that he was a blur to people watching. He was deep in the jungle when he decided to lay out his tent. Cory was getting pretty hungry so he went out to find some sort of food.

On his journey to find food he came upon some strange growling. He almost knew that it wasn’t coming from his stomach but he tried to blame it anyway. Now it was getting so loud that he could sense it was near him.

He looked over his shoulder and saw a large bear. “A bear no problem.” Cory darted into the ocean and caught a small fish. He ran back and stuck a large stone down its throat.

“Look here old bear! I call it a swordfish.” One swing with the sword sent the bear running like a coward.

Cory was wandering around one day while he came upon a nice family of skunks. Suddenly he wanted to go home, and he wanted to go home now. Out of no where the skunk jumped on Cory’s shoulder and they were friends at first sight.

Cory ran super fast back home. His speed had grown since he was now sixteen years old. When he got there he went to his mother’s room right away and tons of crocodiles jumped through the window. Cory was pinned in. He now needed a hero of his own. He heard the skunk talking softly for some odd reason. All the crocodiles were going away. Cory just realized he was missing his old alligator. Plus he was missing his parents. He went to a nearby lake to sadly watch the water. Splash! After two hours of waiting for anything to happen he had found his alligator friend. Soon his parents came walking behind him.


“Now were a family and will remain one.” To this day people still remember this hero as Crocodile Catching Cory Corksmith.