Michael Roberts



            Michael Roberts was a strange kid. Michael said, “Hi, I can talk run fast and beat  a calculator while doing math.” His parents were shocked. He was only a day old. Carey, Michael’s sister raced Michael. With Michael running so fast Carey was as slow as a snail. Everybody thought that Michael was the perfect kid.

          When Carey was 10 she was beating everybody in state. She wanted to race Michael again after losing him. One day Michael saw Carey. He asked her, “What are you doing?”

Carey said,“ I am a world champion racer.” Michael and Carey kept talking. Carey bet that she can run more miles than Michael in 60 minutes. Michael took that challenge. If Michael wins, he would be king of racing challenges. If Carey wins, she would be queen of racing challenges. They practiced and were prepared. They also were nervous. There knew that millions of people were going to watch them race including their parents. Michael always knew how to run fast and win races. Carey learned how to run fast when she was 10. Michael never lost a race ever in his life. Carey lost only one race in her life. She lost to Michael when she didn’t think that he could run fast. Michael was thinking when he got all the credit. Carey was thinking when her life better without Michael. Carey hasn’t seen anyone run so fast like Michael.

Today is the day when Michael and Carey Roberts face in racing. This race is in Phoenix, Arizona. Everyone in state is there. 17 million people came there including their parents. The race is about to start. When it started they were running fast. There was speeding along this desert. Michael and Carey were running faster than ever. There were people who counted how many miles they did in an hour. When 55 minutes was up they slowed down. They were so tired that they need 40 glasses of water or maybe more. When time was up Michael ran 620 miles and Carey ran 619 miles. Everyone was shocked. Michael was king of racing. In his whole life he hasn’t lost a race.