The Tale of Jim and Jerry


One day in Kentucky there was twins. There names were Jim and Jerry. At one year old they decided to race up a mountain. When their dad said go Jim was there and back before Jerry was half way up the mountain. When they were three they made a decision to see who was stronger. They were lifting up alligators. Jim lifted up seven alligators while his brother lifted up fourteen alligators. Then at five they had a contest to see who could eat the hottest wings in ten minutes. Jerry ate twenty-five hot wings his brother Jim ate twenty-four hot wings. At   eight years old they were left home alone, their parents went to a party. They were attacked by alligators and mountain lions. Jim and Jerry did not back down. Moments before their parents got home they won the fight. Then the twins fell asleep.

The next day they told their parents that they were going camping. While they were camping they meet two girls. Their names were Tracie and Brianne. Jim had a crush on Tracie. Years went bye Jim and Jerry were nineteen years old. The next day they had a little contest to see who was the fastest. Brianne won the race, she barely beat Jim started crying because he got beat by a girl. Then they had a race to see who could catch the most fish in a hour. Jerry won the contest. Brianne caught twenty-seven fish, Jim caught twenty-five fish, Tracie caught twenty –nine fish, and Jerry caught thirty fish. Then they all decided to have a contest to see who the smartest person there was. Tracie won, she had twenty out of twenty problems right and Jim had nineteen out of twenty problems right.

“Do you want to stay here?” proclaimed Jim and Jerry.                                                         “Yes” announced Tracie and Brianne. Later that night they all watched a fight between a cheetah and a bear. The cheetah won the battle. Later that same night they saw the same cheetah in another fight against a mountain lion, the cheetah won the fight again for a second time. After that they all fell asleep which was 12:00 p.m. Tracie was on Jim’s shoulder and Brianne was on Jerry’s shoulder. When they woke up they saw the mountain lion and the bear the bear was a grizzly bear. Then they saw the cheetah and it looked like the mountain lion and the grizzly bear wanted revenge for what happened last night. Jim and Jerry went out of the camping truck and helped the cheetah. But Jim and

Jerry got hurt, then Tracie and Brianne helped the cheetah out and they all won.

“We didn’t tell this to you but were twins too.” I’m the strong one.” said Tracie.

“I’m the fast one.”  Brianne announced. The next day Jim and Brianne went to the top of the mountain and Jim asked Brianne “Will you marry me.” Yes Brianne said. Then on December 20, 2003 Jim and Brianne got married. Five years later Jim asked the same question to Tracie. Tracie said yes. They got married December 20, 2008

They all stayed married, they all also lived in the same house. They all lived happily ever after.