DJ “The Amazing” Coles


            One day in a hospital, DJ Coles was born. He lived in New York. After the hospital he was introduced to his new brother, John. The next day John was taking a walk with his axe in his hiking pack. DJ snuck out of his crib and out of the house and followed him. John started chopping down redwood trees. One started to fall on John. DJ dove and lifted up his arms. He picked the tree up and saved his brother’s life. DJ was very tricky when it came to sneaking up on his family.

            Later when he was two his dad told him he was a professional baseball player. He taught him how to play. When DJ was batting for the first time he hit a groundball to the shortstop. But before the shortstop picked the ball up he was at home plate and already scored. Next he started to crouch far down. When his brother was trying to hit him he would crouch down and his brother would fall down.

            By the time he was three years old he could reach farther than anyone else. He was able to do it by doing stretching exercises each day. When he was four his parents told him the family was moving to Arizona. When they got there the house they were moving into wasn’t ready. They had to stay in a hotel for the wait. While they were at the hotel he went to the exercise room with his dad. DJ went on the treadmill while his dad relaxed and watched television. His dad put it on 0.5 mph for DJ. When his dad looked over to check on him. DJ was going 40 mph. Next his dad turned DJ’s machine off. His dad went to the bathroom while DJ watched the Flintstones on television. DJ looked over and saw a hole. Then he walked over and peaked into the hole. The hole was filled with bears, cheetahs, giraffes, and rabbits. He accidentally fell in. The good part was they were the friendly animals in their old groups. That is why they were kicked out.

            The rabbit dug a giant hole into a beautiful meadow. Something weird then happened. The animals were training animals. In flowers they wrote, we are animals here to help you. We will teach you many strengths. In one year an evil boy will be born. You will use these strengths to defeat him. To practice his strength he wrestled with the bears. The first few days he lost. But he never stopped trying. Later on he kept winning. Next he challenged himself big time against the King bear. King had never lost before. That was soon going to be changed DJ hoped. For five days they wrestled up and down mountains and rivers. Finally King got tired and DJ came out on top for the win.

            Next was the cheetah who taught him speed. They only had to race for one week because DJ kept winning. The giraffe who taught him to stretch was easy. So were the rabbits who taught him to crouch down. Ten tears later the   evil boy was nine and ready to fight. DJ found him torturing Arizona. The boy was to busy to hear DJ. He finally turned his head over towards DJ.

 “I will meet you at the mountain top in thirty minutes so we can fight.” DJ said furiously. The boy agreed.

            The battle began. First the boy charged at DJ and pounded him into a tree. DJ laid there unconscious. He slowly got up. The boy charged at him again. DJ quickly crouched down. Instead of running into DJ, the boy ran into a tree. The boy got back up and started doing back flips towards DJ. He stretched between two trees. DJ wrapped around him and trapped him. Then he flung him into the ground. Then he used his super speed and ran around him punching him. Next he hit him so hard into the ground. So hard he had to surrender. He saved all of the people’s lives. They shall never be tortured again.