Henry Strongarm



Once there was a little house that sat on top of a mountain. Inside there lived a family of four, a mother, father, girl and a boy. His name was Henry Strongarm. His father died when he was little and then his sister left. It was only him and his mother. He was very strong when he was born.

            When he was 10 he left his house and set off to the docks. There he will sail over to the Mississippi River. After he sails across it, he will arm wrestle the toughest guy Stanley. Henry asked him to arm wrestle. “Okay” said Stanley with a grin. They arm wrestled for three hours! Then finally Stanley won. His crew cheered. Henry left with a frown. He practiced with the grizzly bears for three months. Then he went back home.

            His mother gave him a big hug. Then he told her what happened. Henry stayed there that night. In the morning he left before his mother woke up. He traveled across the Mississippi River. All of a sudden a terrible rain storm appeared out of nowhere. A bolt of lightning struck and hit his boat. He went flying off his boat. He would have drowned if a fisherman wouldn’t have pulled him out. “I’m Bill,” said one of the fishermen. “I’m Henry,” He said “Where am I,” said Henry.

“You’re in Alabama.” said Bill. “This is my crew.” Bob, Max, and Phil. Henry stayed with them for a while. Every night they ate beans and carrots. The beans were steaming hot. But the carrots were cold. One night Henry left without saying good bye. He went to a mystical forest to find the fastest horse in the world. He saw the horse. It had black fur and a white mane. Henry jumped on the horse and tried to tame it. But the horse flung Henry off of him. But Henry kept on trying. Finally Henry tamed the horse and called it Midnight. Henry and Midnight were together for three weeks. Then Henry remembered that he was going to arm wrestle Stanley. Henry told midnight to ride to the Mississippi River. Midnight ran and ran all the way to Mississippi River. Then Midnight fell and broke his leg. Henry flew off and landed on the ground.

            When he woke up he started to build a raft and sailed across the river. He saw Stanley standing there and started to arm wrestle Stanley. It lasted for five hours. Finally Henry won. Stanley was amazed. The crew said “You are the captain of us now.”

            Henry found his horse and got his leg fixed and they all lived happily ever after.