Savannah Hanna



     In the 1950’s a baby was born on December 8.  Her parents, already having 12 other boys, were happy to welcome their first girl to the family.  They agreed that her name should be Hanna.

            “Hi!” she said “Wanna race?  ‘Cause I can beat you all running around the savannah and up and back down Pinnacle Peak.”

            “The one that made Pecos Bill famous?” said Jose, the oldest.

            “That same one,” she said with a devilish grin.

            Soon they were all lined up.  Mother took one of the boys B.B guns and held it in the air.  And as her finger closed around the trig... BANG!  And they were off.  For the first few seconds Jose was in the lead.

            He turned around and said “what was she thinking when she said she could beat us?”

            To his surprise neither Hannah nor Mother was there.  ‘Must have to get her diaper changed’ he thought.  One second later something that looked like a mini sandstorm passed them.  The boys all agreed that it was a large dragonfly that got too close to the ground.  But when Jose found out what it really was he was astonished.  It was not a dragonfly but it really was baby Hanna.  When he looked at Pinnacle Peak he saw Hanna on her way BANG!  The second gun shot went off.  That signaled a runner has crossed the finish line.  The boys counted each other.  When they turned around and saw Hanna sitting and waving, they screamed in agony.

            News spread fast about what Hanna had done, people wanted to see if it was true.  Hanna’s family charged $1.00 per ticket.

            Soon the family became so rich they moved to Africa.  Evan there they made a lot of money

Now Hanna was 2 months old.  She decided that she should go on an adventure.  Hanna traveled the world.  When she was 2 years old she beat Mike Fink in a wrestled match.  When she was 3 she outsmarted Albert Einstein.  At age 4 she came home to find her family huddled up in a corner trembling because a crocodile attacked the house.

“I’ll beat that croc black and blue.” She said.

The next night it came.  Hanna wrestled it and threw him so hard that he flew around the world.  Some say he is flying to this day.  As for Hanna you may ask.  Well let’s just say she is watching over us.