Bob Jones


            Many years ago in Canada, there lived a family. A mother named Ann and a father named Paul. They had two children. Their names were Jack and Jennifer. They lived in a small house. It was made of wood. There were five little rooms. They had a bathroom, a kitchen, two rooms, and a room to relax in. They lived in a quiet place in the woods.

            One day, Ann and Paul were going to have a baby. They were having a boy. The family was very excited. The whole family including Rosy, the dog couldn’t wait.

            On March 6, 1937 the baby was born! Ann was very happy. She named him Bob Jones. He was quite big when he was born. Three minutes after he was born he yelled, “I am the fastest, strongest, smartest, coolest baby in the world!”

            “Wow!” exclaimed his parents.

            “He can talk! He is amazing!” shouted his mother.

            “So .I bet he can’t do anything I can do!” Jack said jealously.

            “Like what?” asked Bob?

            “Can you beat me in a race to the woods and back?”

            “Sure. Ready! Set! Go!” yelled Bob.

Bob ran as fast as he could. He could see Jack behind him. On his way back he Jack out of breath and he saw him running as fast as he could. Jack returned twenty-two minutes later. As soon as Jack came home, Bob said proudly, “I told you I am the fastest baby in the world!”

            “Fine. He is amazing,” Jack said obnoxiously.

            Then the new family ate dinner. Bob ate so much food that Rosy didn’t eat much. Rosy usually ate the leftovers but there were only a little. Rosy was still hungry.  Then Ann decided to cook more food next time because when Bob grows up he’ll be eating all the food.

            When Bob turned five he entered a spelling bee. He was very happy. He won the spelling bee. Everyone was amazed. His family was very happy. When Jack turned seven he beat Gaston, a pro runner, in a race. Gaston had never been beaten before. Gaston was fierce!

            “I want to have another race. He is a cheater!” Gaston shouted.

            “No I’m not!” yelled Bob.

            “Yes you are!”

            “No I’m not!”

            “Yes you are!”

            “Since you are mad, let’s have another race!”


Gaston and Bob had another race. Bob was a little out of breath but he wasn’t going to stop the race. Bob heard the loud gunshot. The crowd was cheering. Bob’s family cheered. Bob ran and ran as fast as he could. He saw Gaston catching up to him. Bob ran faster. Then Bob won the race fairly. His family was very proud!

            A few days later Gaston went to Bob’s house. He knew Bob was sleeping. He climbed in through the open window. Then, Gaston picked up the trophy. After that he tripped over one of Bob’s toys. Bob woke up and said, “What are you doing?” Then Bob saw the trophy in Gaston’s hands. He went toward Gaston. Gaston tried to escape. Bob took the trophy and threw Gaston across country.

            When Bob grew older he became the most fastest, smartest, strongest, greatest man in the world.