Heather Diasterstorm


                    One day a little girl named Heather was born. She grew up to be a special girl. She had powers nobody knew about. Once, Heather was walking around the city when a speeding car jumped the curb and nearly hit her. Suddenly, without thinking, she kicked up a cyclone and sent the car flying.

                The same thing happened when a 150 pound train bound for Houston almost hit her. After those incidents, she decided to move to the wilderness where life would be more peaceful. She said good bye to her parents and left for her new home.

                She liked her new home. She practiced her powers every day. But she couldn’t stop thinking she would be attacked by someone anytime by now…

                All of a sudden someone named Robert Strongweapon attacked her. Then Smash! Heather sent Robert into a tree. But it wasn’t over yet. Robert sent missiles right into Heather. Heather sent a prylocastic f low at Robert.

                On the battle raged. Neither of them was prevailing. Finally, being forced to desperate measures, Heather gave it all she had, sent a twister at Robert and blew him away. With Robert defeated, she finally was able to relax. She still lives to this day.