Cleonia S. Coole in the Pursuit of Bobby Baddegye


          “Where am I “questioned newborn Cajun orphan Cleonia S. Coole whose parents both sadly died. “ Well I’m not gonna sit here like a chimpanzee. I’m searching for my ma and my pa and y’all gonna help me. Wait where are you people” said Cleonia. By the time she was 2 she searched all of America to find her parents but she had no luck. Four years went by and Cleonia joined Iateu Hall and was in Mrs. Nastie’s class.

        “Cleonia S. Coole stops juggling chairs during class or else I will tell the principal or hit you with the CANE!” screamed Mrs. Nastie. “Fine but just saying you are a silly person and an old grandpa “laughed Cleonia. “Cleonia I know you are the nicest person in the class but SORRY YOU WILL BE HIT WITH THE CANE RIGHT NOWWWWWWW!”  yelled Mrs. Nastie. Mrs. Nastie took the oak cane from her desk and slapped it on Cleonia’s wrist and surprisingly the cane broke over her arm. Later after the incident recess came along and Marcus Dummdumm was picking on Stu Pidgye.”Come on you weakling hit me, “taunted Marcus. “I’ll do it “interrupted Cleonia and she made Marcus go all the way to California. “Thanks “said Stu. “No problem Stu “answered Cleonia as she left the playground to line up. After Cleonia graduated from Iateu Hall she immediately went to find Bobby Baddegye who stole the Statue of Liberty’s

torch! Eventually Cleonia found him in the Rocky Mountains. “Hey fatty you been at Mardi gras too much.”Laughed Cleonia. “SHUT YOUR

CAJUN MOUTH” screamed Bobby as he jumped up and made an earthquake. Then Cleonia blew a dozen tornados at Bobby and made him land on his behind .Bobby then picked up a truck and threw it at Cleonia. Next Cleonia jumped up to a thundercloud and pulled out many bolts of lightning. She then threw them all at Bobby and eventually knocked him out and reported to the president. Cleonia got billions of ribbons, trillions of medals and gazillions of trophies. Cleonia isn’t as popular now because of people like Jake Winnerhero , Crikey Cucumber , and Jimbo Palemary Crokey but at least you know the story of Cleonia S. Coole in the Pursuit of Bobby Baddegye.