Lightning Strength Todd


          “What was that” the people of Hailstown questioned as a large blur passed through the town. Everyone was talking about it.

        “That’s Lightning Strength Todd!” one man shouted, “He’s the strongest and fastest man alive!” Todd was just taking his daily five minute run around the world. He took a stop at Mt. Everest and started lifting the mountain as if it weighed five pounds. He then went to some forests and started walking slowly to enjoy the scenery.

        “I wish that I had someone to enjoy this gorgeous day with.” Todd mumbled.

        “Please help! Help!” a lady screamed. Todd raced to the scene. He found a lady and her dog being attacked by a humungous bear. It was Strong Bear Rick. Rick plunged for the three but ate the fifty acre forest instead. Then the bear picked up the woman and nearly bit her head off but Todd gave him one large punch and the bear was on the ground and the lady was free. This time Rick picked up Todd. He tried to squirm out of the bear’s hands but Rick’s grip was too tight. Todd finally pushed Rick’s hands open and pulled himself out. Then Todd punched the bear that went flying ten miles. Within seconds Rick was in the same spot. He picked up the dog and threw him so high up that one could not see him. Amazingly, Todd was able to catch the dog after ten minutes. Todd then ran in circles around the bear as fast as he could. As Rick watched this, he became dizzy and eventually fainted. When he fainted, Todd had stopped and had been standing with the lady and the dog. When Rick became unconscious, he fell on the three. They struggled to get out from under the bear but they were soon out. Soon Todd had killed Rick with one punch.

         “Guess we won’t be dealing with him anymore.” Todd said under his breathe. After seeing his heroic acts, the woman had fallen in love with Todd. He really liked her too. They soon got married. They never had to deal with evil and abnormally large bears again.