Jimbo Palimery Croky



            In a faraway kingdom a baby was born. 

            Goo goo ga ga .” The baby said while standing up. Then he said “Hi! My name is Jimbo Palimery Croky and I’m your new son!” His parents were astonished and just stared at there new child. On his third birthday a whole army of soldiers attacked their kingdom. Jimbo immediately picked up a sword and started fighting. He balanced his sword perfectly in his hand. It was1 to 100 and he defeated them all at once .He was known as the strongest boy in the kingdom .Soon he was 5, and he was aloud to go hunting. A few days after he turned 6 he was captured by a man in a mask. Jimbo got stuffed in a bag and throw in deep lake. He got out in a blink of an eye and was ready to fight, but the man had run away. Jimbo tried to find his way home, but he couldn’t. He decided to start his own life. He hunted more dangerous animals. It was his 16th birthday so he took a walk in the forest. During his walk he fond a small village and decided to live there He helped the villager when they were in trouble. He fought goblins and trolls

that came to destroy the village. One day a man Masked Moe came to their village. He wore a black mask and cape. He also held a scepter He said “I tried to dispose of you once by throwing you in a lake. How did you survive?” Jimbo didn’t answer. He just stared.

          “This time I won’t fail!” Moe yelled while taking out his scepter from behind his cape and attack Jimbo with a blast of air. It blew Jimbo 9’999 miles from where he stood before. On his trip back to the village he harder and harder until he knew he was ready. 6 years past and he finally got back by that time he was 20 years old. There in the exact spot he was before stood Masked Moe.

         “I’ve been waiting,” Masked Moe said.

         “I can see. Look at how old you look. “Jimbo said. Masked Moe got angry and let out a deadly attack. Jimbo dodged it by jumping 100 feet in the air. He landed on Masked Moe an hour later and Masked Moe dropped his scepter. So they started wrestling. They wrestled for 1month. Finally Masked Moe stood up and said “I give up.” And disappeared just like that. Some people say he died. Some say they hope he died. Others believe that he was so scared of Jimbo Palimery Croky he went to another dimension and he never showed his face again.