Billy Johnson


            Billy Johnson was a young boy when he wanted to have the greatest job in the universe, not the world, the universe. His job was the Sun. He wanted to become the Sun because he got up early every day and he went to sleep early every night. Billy was super strong. He could lift up a locomotive full of coal and twirl it on his finger when he was one week old. His father told him, “Once you are the Sun, you can’t quit being the Sun. You can’t quit any job in outer space.” Billy never wanted to quit being the Sun. He could have been the Earth’s Moon but he didn’t like the night and he was afraid of the dark.

        Billy rode a shooting star to the center of the universe. He picked that spot because he would light up all the planets from there. He was the first Sun ever. There was another boy that was working as the Earth’s Moon. The boy’s name was Jimmy Jones. Jimmy wanted to quit his job and become the Sun. Jimmy wanted Billy to become the Earth’s Moon. Billy never wanted to stop being the Sun until he was old and didn’t have enough energy. Then, he would just blow up. He just started having his occupation be the Sun and he didn’t want to retire then on his first day.

        Billy and Jimmy met at Earth to fight about whether they should switch jobs or not. Billy took a shooting star to Earth and saw Jimmy staring at the Earth, bored, and waiting for Billy with his hands crossed over his stomach which was very large. Then, Jimmy saw Billy right in front of him. Jimmy was afraid of light. The fight was equally matched. Jimmy was larger than Billy, but Billy was faster than Jimmy. Billy would wrestle with Jimmy. They would both pin each other back and forth and it would look like a see-saw. Jimmy went into Billy’s face and Billy got scared. Billy went into Jimmy’s face and Jimmy got scared. They scattered onto Jupiter and near Mercury. They skipped through Venus and Billy was burning Jimmy with his beam of light. Jimmy was using his darkness to melt away Billy’s beam of light. They each had only a minimum amount of weapons left to use for fighting. Jimmy pulled all of Billy’s spikes off his circular shape. Billy punched Jimmy so hard, that it made there be the circular dents in the Moon. They had many weapons before, but Billy and Jimmy were getting tired and they forgot the weapons.

        “Maybe we should stop fighting now. Eh.” Said Billy.

“Yeah, because you probably know every step of my attacks.” Explained Jimmy. Jimmy started to float back near Earth when Billy attacked him and Jimmy fell out of space.

        “Nobody tries to steal my job. That finished him!” Billy said chuckling hysterically. From that day on, whenever Billy used an attack, if the other fighter was tired, Billy Johnson would always use that same attack.