Speedy McMack


One fall day Sean McMack, a one year old boy decided to run away from home. His parents did not worry, for Sean was extraordinary . He loved to run and play so he was on his way. A while after that , Sean wrestled animals such as bears and wolves. Not so long after that, he got the name speedy McMack. He got the name for his fast hands that help him pin bears. Sean soon got so strong; he wanted to be ruler of the animals. Before he could be the ruler of the animals Sean would have to be Mighty Mike. He is the biggest bear in the woods. Once Sean found Mike he challenged mike to a wrestle. Sean was easily beat.

        “People say you’re strong as ten wolves” shouted mike. “But you’re not.” Mike went off laughing.

        Sean would wrestle bears and wolves to get strong. After about a month Sean got as strong as steel and fast as a fox.

        “I’m back.” Said Sean. Mike and Seans fight raged on for months. Unfortunately Sean got beat once again. Sean again would wrestle bears until he got strong as Mike. It took years for Sean to find Mike. Sean threw Mike but Mike cam back. The battle went on for four long hours. Finally Sean was victorious. ”well that’s the last of him.” Sean did not know Mike was coming back. While Sean was swimming Mike snuck up on Sean. Sean threw Mike a mile and no one ever saw Mike again.