Jackal Jack


        One day, in a hospital, in Salt Lake City, a boy was born. “I’ll name you Jack!” said the woman. When they got home, Jack saw their pet jackal   named Nuisance. “I love jackals!” said Jack. The woman was in shock. She couldn’t breathe. He started to run around the house. He ran so fast, that he wound up outside. Jack lifted the house into the air and dropped it. “I’m so smart, that I know the answer to 1,878 divided by x squared divided by pi. It equals 0.0001695. Well I’m off to become the worlds best jackal wrestler and marksman. See ya!”

        He ran to the best guarded military training base in the world. He saw hundreds of detached sniper scopes and only one perfect stick for his slingshot. When he attached a scope to the stick, he said “Now all I need is a rubber band.

When he got outside, h got trapped by the general. “What are you some kind of baby genius?” he questioned. “Yep! And I’m a jackal wrestler.” Replied Jack.. Then the general asked, “Wanna join the army?” Jack replied with loud “No!” and he escaped.

          When he got home, he saw that the woman was able to breathe again. “Where are the rubber bands?” he asked. “In the closet.” she replied.

        After he put the rubber band on the slingshot, he ran to the wilderness. He arrived there in about 30 seconds. He found a rock that looked like a table. Then, he saw a jackal and fought with it. He just barely won. Then he started to bench press it. “I’m the fastest, strongest, and smartest baby in the world!” he screamed with excitement.

        Then, he heard a voice. The person revealed herself, and it was a jackal named Jackie Jackal. She called all the jackals, and told them to attack. All Jack did was sit there, and threw the first jackal into all the others.

        He hit her with a pointed piece of a jackal’s skull. Then Jackie threw him against a rock and rammed him a couple times. Jack used his last bit of energy to look into his scope and fire at her. She got hit and fell to the ground. Jack also fell unconscious.

        Jack woke up in a hospital with no idea of what happened. Then he went home and said, “I don’t want to be a jackal wrestler anymore. I’d rather be a BMX biker!”