King Triton


          “Oh…”said a mother who had just had a baby “You’re so cute,” “I’m going to call you Delo.”

As the years went on everybody knew he was special but they couldn’t put their fingers on it, and for that his two brothers hated him for it. Ten years had passed and his brothers hated him more then ever. At five years old he benched pressed six thousand pounds in weights. At seven he found a cure for dolphins with asthma an at age nine  he cold eat one thousand pounds of fish and not gain more then six pounds. On his 10th birthday he found he could bite through steel.

        “I say we lock him in the basement and fill it with water. I got it! Push him off the cliff and into the ocean.” “Let’s do it.”

That night they picked him up out of his bed quietly and brought him to the cliff and just as they were about to throw him over the cliff he woke up.

        “What’s going on?!?”

        “Good bye,”


Then they threw him off the cliff, and into the dark abyss.

        As he was falling he was he realized that his brothers never really like when they had dared him to eat six thousand pounds of fish which he ate and didn’t even get a stomach ache, or when they had said that they accidentally left six dangerous knives in his birthday cake. When he snapped back into reality he was feet away from the water and then splash he was in the water.

        When he opened his eyes, he noticed he was breathing and under water!!! He started swimming to look around. For the next month he or so he decided to live with a pod of sperm whales. In that month he discovered he control water and make it freeze when a giant squid tried to eat him. One day he left off to find some food. A gang of giant shrimp surrounded him.

        “We are the group of shrimp known as the scampies and have come for you help. A volcano has erupted and we need your help, for a man who controls fire and lava has sent lobsters that are to  then us to turn us into his dinner,” pleaded the shrimp.

        “Fine I’ll help”

As they went the water started to become hotter. They were a mile from the island, but they couldn’t get closer or the shrimp would have gotten boiled.

        “I’ll just ride a wave over to the island.”

So he gathered all his strength and created a huge typhoon and rode it to the island when he got their he found the man.

        “You will be destroyed” the man sent a wave of lava at Delo, he jumped out and sent a water ball the man at the man

        “I’m melting!” The man cried.

When the man had completely dissolved, the volcano started to erupt. Delo ran straight at the ocean and managed to escape.

        When he had gotten back, all the animals decided to make him king and when he became that he took up a new name king Triton.