Crikey Cucumber


        It was over a hundred years ago when an amazing boy was born. His name was Crikey Cucumber. He was an amazing kid. By age one he was the toughest kid in his neighborhood. ‘’I could beat anyone!’’ he yelled.  By 6th grade he had won six strongest man awards, beaten every kid in his neighborhood, and won many other awards for his amazing strength. Once a train got stuck in New Jersey that was heading towards California, Crikey went over there and pulled the train to California in one day.

        When he turned 11 years old, he left his in South Dakota to go to South Carolina to fight the American Gators. ‘’yippee!’’ he screamed as he rode an alligator around a swamp. When he had beaten every gator in the United States he moved to Africa to fight elephants. At first he had been beaten easily. ‘’rahhhhhh’’ he cried as he tried to push an elephant into a tree. But Soon, he could beat 20 elephants at the same time. One day he did eventually meet his match and it was big.

        It was a sunny day in Africa when all of a sudden the most massive elephant Crikey had ever seen came charging at him. The elephant was the size of New Jersey. Crikey jumped onto the elephant’s enormous tusks. The elephant just shook its head and flung Crikey to Australia.

        In Australia Crikey fought against the vicious dingoes. ‘’Yeeeehaaaa!’’ he screamed as he rode across Australia on a dingo’s back. A long time later, Crikey went back to Africa to challenge the massive elephant to a fight once again. This time Crikey was ready when the giant elephant charged at him. Crikey quickly dodged the elephant and grabbed it by its tail. Crikey twisted around and chucked the elephant all the way to Mars.

        Luckily no one ever saw the massive elephant again. Considering it’s on Mars. Also Crikey started a career in elephant taming and eventually he did become the greatest elephant tamer in the world. Elephants wanted to be tamed by him. That’s how good he got.