Super Quicko Smarto Strongo Bob



            One day at a house there was a mom playing with her baby. Then from out of nowhere it started talking.

        “Hi my name is Super Quicko Smarto Strongo Bob. I didn’t talk before because I was sleepy.” His mother jumped in fear when her baby talked. Then Super Quicko Strongo Bob ran to his father and hugged him so tight he nearly fainted. Bob’s dad was so happy that he told the local newspaper and they paid him to write a story. Since Bob was 200 times smarter than a super computer he graduated from the best college when he was two days old.

        When Bob was 10 years old, he went to live alone in a forest. He also made his own house out in less than a quarter of a second. Then an alligator attacked him and like ten angry rhinos he threw it around the world.

        “That was way too easy, well see ya later alligator,” Bob said as he entered his house. Then Bob made a T.V. out of wood and it worked. Then a vicious bear attacked Bob while he was watching T.V. The bear let out a terrifying roar, but Bob thought of what could be bothering it. Then Bob told it to go back from where it came and that he will solve the problem. The bear then went back to its home. Bob then turned the T.V. off and solved the problem because the noise from the T.V. was bothering the bear.

        Bob wanted to move to the city, so Bob packed his stuff and bought a house with the money the newspaper gave him, quicker than you could say mega monkey.

        “I like my new home,” Bob said as he looked out his 35 story skyscraper.

        “My house rules, but I need more money,” Bob said. Then Bob got out coat and hat and ran to the wrestling ring.

        “In this corner Monkey Hunter Moe, he wears hunting clothes and is a monkey with a banana gun [ it is a banana not a gun that shoots bananas ] and in this corner the ten year old boy whose name describes him Super Quicko Smarto Strongo Bob,” the announcer said before the bell rang.

        Moe quickly grabbed his banana and pressed the peel and the inside shot out. Bob quickly thought of a plan and quickly dodged. Then Bob thought about what Moe’s next attack would be and dodged it.  Then he grabbed his tail and swung him around the ring and then picked up the rod on the corner of the wrestling ring and used it to pin Moe. Then Bob went home to live for along time and he was very rich.