Lloyd Lickerquake Higpogrifftah



Rumors went all around Callie’s work that Callie’s husband adopted a 13 year old boy. “Oh really? I never knew that,” Callie questioned.

                “Yea, isn’t it fabulous,” Callie’s friend Amber exclaimed.Callie got so mad, her head was1% away from exploding. That made Callie leave work, even though work just started. “I can’t believe Rob didn’t tell me about this! When I get home, I’m going to KILL Rob.”

        Panting, Callie walked up her new stairs, onto the front porch, [her house was new] and opened the door. Inside, everything was quiet. All of a sudden, the house started shaking like a forest in an oxen stampede. Then, a huge tongue went by her. Callie sighed for a moment, when a cheetah ran by. Right after the cheetah went by, she heard the roof brake. She went to the attic, with a knife [to stab whatever broke the roof]. All of a sudden, a rainbow colored hippogriff came crashing in the house. When she went to strike the mighty beast, it slowly transfigurated into a small kid, about 10 years old.

        “Rob,” Callie panted “is this our kid?”

        “Why …”

        “Yes, I am your new kid. My name is Lloyd Lickerquake Highpogrifftah.” Lloyd was very happy to be in his new family. About an hour later, they ate brunch. They ate for about 23 minutes, until they went to go hunting.

        When they got to the forest, Rob gave Lloyd a bow and a pack of arrows. “I don’t need that. I already know plenty of hunting skills.”

          “Okay. If you say so, than it is your death. Honey, you go south. Lloyd, go west. I’ll go north for fish. And just so you know, east is being constructed. DON’T go east!” Now, 1, 2, 3, start hunting! Everyone in the family started running in their assigned directions. [Well, everyone except Lloyd.

        As always, Lloyd never followed directions. Lloyd walked east for almost 10 miles until he reached his target. His Dad lied. The east wasn’t being constructed. It was the west being constructed on. But what was there was his arch enemy’s home. He couldn’t quite see it because of a fog as thick as pea soup, but he could see it. Out of the midst of the fog, out came his enemy, Jackafire Cerbatron. “Hello Lloyd. Remember me, Jack…”

“Do you always play games? You know, it is quite annoying when your enemy just wants to fight,” Lloyd yelled.

        Ok. Who will throw the ball 1st?” Jack questioned. Suddenly, Jack saw a cheetah run 9 mph at him. Soon, he saw it was only Lloyd. Then, he felt a tongue wrap around him, pick him up, and threw him to the other side of the forest. Soon Lloyd felt 120 degrees hit him against the mighty tower. Lloyd turned into a 50 foot Hippogriff and knocked Jack off his feet.

        The fight went on for months. Lloyd’s parents were missing him. And most of all, Lloyd was being pulverized. Finally, a year passed and Lloyd won the fight. Once Lloyd returned home, he got stacks of love. About 5 months later, Jack came by and offered a deal to Lloyd: If Jack could join Lloyd’s side; he’ll give Callie and Rob super powers. So that is what he did. Now, Lloyd’s whole family and Jack are super heroes.