The Adventures of Jake Winnerhero



††††††††††† A baby was born. His mom could already picture him becoming a strong and healthy man. His mom named him Jake Winnerhero.

††††††† 10 years later, Jake had green cape, orange shirt, blue pants. He was a ranger with an oak bow and feathers.His aim was so great he never missed!Rumor had it there was a lion haunting the nearby woods.Jake was determined to slay the beast.He bid farewell to his parents and set out.

††††††† Jake was traveling around when an alligator shot strait up.His amazing agility helped him dodge the attack.He jumped back and strung an arrow and shot it into the alligatorís mouth.He found the arrow shot as fast as fast a bullet and killed the alligator immediately.

††††††† Jake continued his search.He was looking at every inch of the woods.One day, he found a cave.It was nearing winter.Jake decided to rest.When he settled down, a nasty bear came and tried to eat him.Jake quickly punched the bear.The bear bounced on the back of the cave and came back and flew into a tree.

††††††† After the harsh winter, Jake found the lion and killed it.He went back to town and was hailed as a hero.Later, word got out that John Badboy had robbed the bank of $10,000,000!Jake was going to beat him.One day an eagle came out and started pecking at Jake.Jake dodged a peck and shot an arrow at the eagle.Since he dodged the attack and shot the arrow, Jake shot the arrow badly.It barely affected the eagle but the eagle flew away.

††††††† Jake searched for 10 days and 10 nights but had no luck. He was about to give up when he spotted a house in the distance.He ran to it as quick as a cheetah and kicked the door open.John Badboy was there.Jake tied him up and brought him back to the village and returned the money to the bank.

††††††† After a few days, he found that the same eagle that he shot was coming in the night and killing cows and other animals.Jake tried to find him but he couldnít.One night, he heard a bunch of eagles yelling.He didnít know that there were so many of them. Suddenly, he saw the silhouette of three eagles.The eagles didnít see him so he hid himself in the


bushes.Jake strung an arrow and shot the eagles.†† It was so dark he missed!That was the first time he ever missed.Just then, he had a stroke of luck.†††††† He randomly shot an arrow and it killed an eagle.The other two eagles flew into the air and Jake shot them down.When Jake went back to town every one looked up to him and he lived happily till he died.††††††††††††††††††††††