The Race in Small Town


Sam is a very strong boy.  He can fly faster than a bird, swim faster than a fish, and Sam can run faster than any animal or human in the world. He is also a very smart boy. When he was just a very little baby, he learned to talk.

Sam decided to move in a small house in Small town when he was 10 years old. There was a short fat; 11 years old boy whose name was Mike. Every person in Small Town had to obey Mike. The day that Sam moved into his small house Mike went up to Sam and told him everything about Small Town. Then Mike and Sam talked about Small Town.

A week later Sam made a friend, his name was Max.

Max asked Sam, “Are you afraid of Mike?”

Sam asked Max, “Who is this Mike that everyone is talking about?”

Then Max told Sam everything about Mike and to never g on his side.

A couple days later Mike came up to Sam again, but this time Sam didn’t open his door to let Mike in. Mike kept on knocking on Sam’s door harder than elephants running into the door. Sam was getting so scared inside his small house.

        Mike yelled at the top of his lungs so am could hear him, “I want to fight you two weeks from today!” Sam thought to himself I think I can beat him up. Max came up to Sam and told him not to fight Mike.

        Sam said to Max, “No, I have to fight him.”

        Max yelled, “Are you crazy?” Once again every person looked at them.

        When the first week was going by, everyone either asked if he was going to fight Mike or if he was going to chicken out. He told them that he was going to fight Mike. Sam decided to make himself stronger. At the gym five days later Mike saw Sam getting stronger and stronger by lifting weights. After Sam got stronger he knew not going to lose the fight. When Mike Sam getting stronger, he decided to lose some of his body fat on him and get stronger. When Sam saw Mike at the gym getting stronger, he felt a little bit nervous. Mike told one of his friends to tell Sam they’re not going to fight they were going to do an obstacle course and who ever got to the finish line first wins and gets to stay and live in Small Town, but the loser has to leave Small Town and to never come back.

        Three days later the race started! The race started with the boys swimming across a lake. Sam got out of the lake first. Then he flew over the rock wall instead of climbing he wall. The whole entire race took Sam 2 minuets and it took Mike 12 minuets. As you can see Sam won! When Mike was getting his stuff together to leave, Sam didn’t let him. Mike and Sam became best friends and they both lived in Small town for the rest of their lives!