Marie Muscle Whacks a Lot


          In the forests of the United States of America, a new story was on the loose.

        At the hospital, a little baby girl was born. Her mother looked at her baby very happily.

        “My fourth baby, finally, a girl. Marie. I shall name her Marie.” The loving mother said with tears in her eyes.

        “I am more than a three minute year old baby girl! I am… Marie Muscle Whacks A Lot! I am perfect for you and your family.” The baby yelled loudly.

        It seemed as if her heart beat was as loud as an earth-quake. No, a hurricane!

        “You can talk? How old are you, four minutes or ten years?” The mother questioned confusingly.

        “Neither. I am five minutes old. Come now, let’s go home!” Marie exclaimed.

        Little Marie Muscle Whacks A Lot took one little finger touched the hospital floor and… SWOOSH! The hospital bed had been catapulted through the air! It was soaring through the sky.

        “So ma, where do we live, Kansas, Oklahoma or where? Just show the way and I’ll punch us there!” Marie announced.

        The mother took one look at the height they were at and… she fainted. She dreamt of being on the ground, looking at pa with little Marie in her hands. But again, that was only a dream.

        An hour later, the mother awoke to see grass! Miles and miles of shimmering and flowing green grass! The mother felt like kissing it! The mother stood to see the baby standing before her. Marie was tapping her foot, her hands planted firmly on her hips. She looked slightly upset to the mother.

        “Well, well. Look whose up!” Marie said while pacing back and forth. “I asked where we lived and bottabing, you fainted before my eyes!” she said in a stern voice.

        The mother told Marie to hit them to the state of Missouri. She said to go to a valley just beyond Monk Mountain. There should be a little log cabin in the valley. The baby girl shook her head and they were off into the blue sky above.

        Years passed by and Marie Muscle Whacks A Lot grew stronger. At age two, Marie could wrestle ten Sumo wrestlers and win! At age five, Marie could juggle twenty grizzly bears and never miss one as they from the sky. Time passed by since then and it was Marie’s nineteenth birthday.

        “Everyone,” Marie yelled, “I’ve been thinking. I need more excitement than living in a little log cabin in a little valley in the state Missouri in Missouri in the year 1937. I need danger!” the family gasped. “I need adventure!” the family groaned. “I need to live in the big apple!” the family screamed.

        “I am going! I shall be the one who makes up what I shall do in life! I am an adult! We all know that I have something special here! Why not celebrate it? I am going to… New York!” Marie shouted.

        The next day, Marie set out to explore New York City. She walked for hours until she decided to punch herself there. She watched for any signs of city life. But, she had no such luck.

        “Now then, think positive. All I have to do is look for the great skyscrapers. Let’s see then. Skyscrapers! I see them! Hundreds of miles of  skyscrapers!” Marie shouted for the world to hear.

        Marie zoomed over to see the large city of New York. She smiled and started to fall. She landed herself on a roof of a building. She looked down to see millions of ants. Wait, no people! She couldn’t believe all the people that were down there! It was like the grand Missouri fair!

        Marie found adventure right away. Two hours after arriving in the Big Apple, a building caught fire. Before it could collapse she caught it. People stared in amazement.

        “Who is she? Where’s Walter Water Wind?” A man yelled.

        “I’m no Walter whoever, I’m… Marie Muscle Whacks A Lot! I’m here to start a new life!” she yelled.

        “How much does that thing weigh?” said a male citizen. “It must weigh about one billion pentillion pounds!” he continued.

        Marie smiled and pulled out the workers. Then, she pulled the building over to a water tower and dunked it in like putting chocolate on a cherry. Marie the whacked the building back into its original area. The crowd of people then yelled for joy.

        A week later, there was a train that was about to fall off the tracks. Before it could, Marie stopped it. The crowd below cheered as she whacked the train back onto the tracks.

        “She is strong! She has stolen the town I hold dear! I gave my life to defend that city! We’ll see how good at fighting she really is!” said the great Walter Water Wind himself!

        After saving the train, Marie received a letter from a mysterious man. The letter read:

        If you want to own this town, you’ll have to fight for it! Meet me at the old bridge today at three p.m. to fight to the finish! Do not be late or you have to leave New York City, forever!


                  Walter Water Wind

        Marie decided to accept this challenge. She met Walter at the old bridge at exactly three p.m.

        “You are very tall.” He said to her. “What is your height?” he asked with a snotty look on his face.

        “Seven foot. Oh, you must be six foot! To bad you are shorter than a nine teen year old girl! How old are you? One hundred? I hope you’re ready to fight, old man!” Marie shot back.

        The battle began! First Marie whacked Walter but he deflected the attack with a water shield. Then, he whipped Marie again and again until she fell over the side of the bridge. Marie wished she could punch herself back up but she was afraid to lose her balance. Walter then made a whole water fall come crashing onto poor Marie. He lost sight of her. All of a sudden, a phenomenon happened! Marie used all her might to lift the millions of gallons of rushing water. She succeeded! The water fall was thrown back over the bridge!

After the ferocious battle, no one knows what happened to Walter Water Wind. Some say he was whacked all the way to Panama! But everyone knows that there will always be a Marie Muscle Whacks A Lot to save the day!