Jimmy Lightning Tall Fat



                            “Jimmy Lightning Tall Fat come here. We need you to shoot fire out of your mouth and burn a hole so we can screw something.”  Jimmy Lightning Tall Fat was nine years old and mastered all the elements, fire, water, wind, and earth. One day when he was two days old he saw a forest fire so he tried to put it out by clapping his hands and then the fire got blown out by the wind.  Also when he was five days old he saw somebody drowning and picked up the ground with his mind and flew the water from the Pacific ocean to the Indian ocean (all the way across the united states).  Then he learned to control water by focusing on a glass and made the water swish with his mind. Then when he was three years of age he saw his parents lighting a fire and the fire got to high so he lowered it with his mind.                                     Jimmy lightning tall fat could run as fast as lightning.                                    He wore normal clothes and acted as a normal boy, but he was as fat as 10 fully grown sumo wrestlers, and was as tall as 10 giant Cyclopes. Jimmy also had black hair beige skin Nike shoes, and brown eyes.  Then there 200 by 200 by 200 ft house was finished.  Then Jimmy vanished into thin air faster then 10 cheetahs.

        He poofed to the park.  When he was at the park, he saw Jack Tight Strangler.  Jack was strangling the entire first through third graders for their lunch money.  Jack was in the fourth grade just like Jimmy except Jack was a bully and Jimmy saved all the younger kids from Jack’s clutches.  Jimmy now used his water power to make a tsunami and it crushed Jack to Ohio (They live in California).  Then, the next day Jack was back to school Jack was bullying overtime.  So now Jimmy was really mad so he took some soil and made a lion.  He commanded the lion to whack Jack out of school so the lion did that.  Then the lion became Jimmy’s pet forever.

        Now when Jack was in school the next day Jimmy saw him sucking the first through third graders lunch money with his vortex of doom. This time Jack laughed manically and said “I will defeat you cretin.”

        “No you will not,” snapped Jimmy.  Now Jack trapped Jimmy in a powerful storm. , and  threw vines that strangled him in the storm.  Now Jimmy got really mad and tried so hard  to break free , but he could not.  So Jimmy threw fire and earth at Jack, but he simply reflected them back at Jimmy.

        Now, Jimmy never showed his face around school for a long time.  First, Jimmy tried taking on a powerful storm.  He almost succeeded, but he made one false move which was trying to do a high jump kick, and got struck by lightning.  Next he tried to defeat vines that were strangling him so he used a fire attack and the vines were ash.  This was a good victory for him.  Now he went back to challenge the powerful storm.  Meanwhile, the lion was eating at the lion festival.  The lion ate so fast he splattered guts everywhere.  Jimmy’s lion won five gold medals, three silver medals, and one bronze medal.  Then, he went to look for Jimmy.

        It did not take him long to reach Jimmy.  When he had gotten there Jimmy had defeated the storm by grabbing the storm and throwing the storm until it died down.  For now Jimmy stayed and made himself stronger.  He defeated foes like they were snails in a arm wrestling competition.  He shot poison out of his mouth faster than a spreading fire on grass.  He flattened a truck like it was a pancake.  He also shot all the elements to show he was going to fight Jack.

        The next day, Jimmy was back in school.  He saw Jack waiting for him by the water fountain.  He whispered to himself “Good he saw my signal.”  Then he nodded to each other and went outside.  First, they shook hands, but Jimmy played a little trick.  Jimmy burnt Jack’s hand with a little fire power.  There they battled.  It was a long battle, but Jimmy won.  He claimed his title as Jimmy Hero of all the First through Third graders, and as for Jack he never bullied again.