Hector Xiaolin



          On Saturday morning a four year old, Hector Xiaolin, knocked down a wall. He just tapped it his mom had seen. He was watching television and was hungry; his arm stretched opened the refrigerator and grabbed some fruit. Hector heard a group of locusts had been destroying farms. He wanted to slay those locusts.

        Hector found the locusts, they outnumbered him by millions. Hector used the power of an element, fire. He was on fire and walked through locusts and they burned to crisps. They were destroyed, a hero in town had heard. The hero, Pacin, came to Hector’s house.

        Pacin wanted to discover Hector’s powers. Hector’s first test was to get thru a five foot thick wall. Hector burned a whole in the wall with heat vision. He saw thru a wall his next challenge. It was to lift a million ton weight. Hector did it in two ways; he used his super strength and lifted it like feather. The other way he picked it up was with the power of telekinesis. He flew and at the same used the powers of the elements, fire, water, earth and wind. His final test was to escape a mindfeild that was nearly impossible to escape. Hector wanted to become a ghost and did. Hector went right to the finish line. It took three hours for Pacin to discover Hector’s powers. Finally, Hector could go home, he ran faster than a bullet. Pacin followed him home without Hector knowing.

        Pacin questioned, “Have you seen anything strange before?”

        Hector’s mom replied, “Like flying, lifting cars, becoming things, saying I see you when I was in another room and knew what I was doing and burning things.”

           “He has two more powers than that, telekinesis and he is amazingly fast.”

         Hector interrupted, “I want to train with Pacin from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.          

        6 years went by; Pacin wanted to battle 10 year old Hector Xiaolin. Pacin tried to knock Hector out with his water powers. Hector used his heat vision to cancel Pacin’s attack. Hector charged at Pacin and slammed him in the arm; Pacin was defeated for the first time.

        Hector got what Pacin received when he defeated Greenflo, his trainer.

        Pacin trained Hector two more years, Pacin defeated Hector. Four years later, Hector defeated Pacin. Hector always won all of his battles. Pacin and all the other superheroes awarded him with the name Polypowers. That is the story of Hector Xiaolin.