Cranium Bob’s Adventure



In Bayshore Hospital a little baby boy was born. He was named Bob, but he had a giant head. The doctor said his brain was twice the size of an adult brain. Then the doctor noticed his arms and legs were too small. The doctor said,” He has no health problems, and will probably outgrow it.” When Bob was 10 he, could fly all around the world, he could talk to other living things by thought, but he didn’t outgrow the shortness of his arms and legs.

        At age 15 he left his house for an adventure. He went from New Jersey to the Red Wood Forest in California. There he battled angry apes, giant crocodiles, rouge elephants, and slimy fish. When Bob got tired and as night fell Bob made a hammock, made of giant leaves, mighty red woods, and strong sticks. When it was morning, Bob had a horrible itch on his right ankle. It was an adult black widow biting Bob. Bob whacked the spider and it flew 20 miles away. Bob continued his adventure. He saw Jake Jerome, a famous explorer, being attacked by a tiger. Bob made a big blue forcefield around James. The tiger ran, for there was nothing getting in. Bob said,” Are you okay?”

        “Yea mate.” James replied. Once Bob knew he was alright, he left.” What are you doing out here?”

“I’m going on an adventure.” Bob replied.

“Do you mind if we can stick together?”

Jake questioned.

        “Yes you can come, I can use the company,” Bob said.

        They both went on an adventure together. They climbed the Rocky Mountains. Bob could feel something coming closer, it was a yeti. The yeti jumped around furiously. Bob thought to himself, if the yeti kept jumping like this, which would cause an avalanche. Bob commanded Jake,” Hold my hand”

        Jake said,” Why?”

        Bob replied,” The yeti was going to cause an avalanche.”

        They both flew in the air, the yeti was beaten by the avalanche, and then Jake and Bob rose to the top of the mountain. There they saw the great view, miles of land, and the mountains in the horizon. Then they heard a loud,” whirr.” They turned around and it was the mighty Whirlwindwack’em. The Whirlwindwack’em was a half dragon half bird, with razor sharp wings, and can summon a tornado. It used its razor sharp wings to swoop down and attack Bob and Jake. Bob and Jake said,” Now it’s our turn.” Bob flew at the bird to strike it, but the bird dodged it. Jake used his whip to try tying Whirlwindwack’em’s legs together, but the bird broke free. Then Bob and Jake threw a giant rock at Whirlwindwack’em. The bird was hit, but barley injured. Then Whirlwindwack’em summoned a tornado and hit Jake and Bob but, they were badly injured. Then Bob thought to himself what can stop wind? Bob said,” I got it. Jake give me a bucket in your bag.” Bob melted the snow on top of the mountain and held it in the bucket; he did this until the bucket was full. When it was full Bob threw the water in the bucket at Whirlwindwack’em. The bird was powerless; it could fly or summon tornadoes. Bob and Jake threw the bird farther than the eye could see.

        Nobody knew where Bob and Jake were now. Some say they died. Most say we will never see them again. Others say we still will be protected. Everyone knew that there will be someone that will always protect us.