The great state of Texas is located in the southwestern part of the Union on December 29th, 1845.Texas was made the 28th state. Some people just call it Texas how ever Texas has a nickname like all the others called The Lone Star State. Furthermore the capital of Texas is Austin. Texas favorite tree is the Pecan tree. Lastly, there are unique and interesting parts of Texas to learn about.

            To begin with, Texas has many wonderful  parts of land such as East Texas, The Gulf Coast, The Panhandle, and Central Texas. First, of all visitors in East Texas can see that it gets freakeshly hot in the summer time and has stormy weather. In addition, cities that are in this section of Texas are Tyler and Beaumont. Furthermore, The Gulf coast of Texas has adult and baby alligators living there right behind Gulf Beach. For example, a hurricane in Galveston killed almost or about 5,000 people. Secondly, The Panhandle in the summer and spring can get really sever tornados and thunderstorms. Lastly, in Central Texas the Waggoner Ranch can cover greater than 800 Square miles.                                             

           To begin with there are many interesting cultures that live in Texas like the African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Europeans. African Americans celebrate a tradition called Juneteenth  on June 19th. African Americans celebrate this tradition to remember on June 19th 1865 they heard about the emancipation Proclamation that president Abraham Lincoln freed all the slaves in the south on January 1, 1863. Hispanic Americans have about 32% of their kind in Texas. Every year on May 5th Hispanic Americans celebrate a tradition called Cinco De Mayo. What they do on this holiday is listen to music, dance, and eat their cultures food. To start with native Americans back in the 19th century were forced to move north to Oklahoma. Tigua Indians lived on lands cover up to 5,000 acres of land. Native Americans  make up a little population of Texas.              

First, I would like to talk about the Great Walk. The Great Walk is in Austin Texas and its are walk way is 12,500 ft if you multiply 25ft wide times 500ft long. Another thing about the Great Walk is that in 1889 it was completed and has very important Texas history. A mission was built by Spanish priests in 1682 at El Paso. When Stephen f. Austin came to the United States in 1821 he brought 300 families with him. In addition, Alonzo Alveraz de Pineda was the first explorer to reach Texas. To begin with The Great Depression was started by the demand of oil and it lasted from (1929-1939). Since the workers demanded for oil they lost their jobs. Finally there are many historical people and cites in Texas for visitors to see.                        

To start with in Texas there are a thousand companies for manufacturing. Plants in Texas that have chemicals in it can make rubber, fertilizers, and plastic. Fruits, fish and vegetables are prepared by food processing plants. Agriculture is done in Texas by farmers raising  sheep, goats, and horses. Fruit or other trees in  Rio Grande Valley are either grapefruit, orange, and nut trees. In Texas gypsum, sulfur , salt, and coal are mines produced in Texas. Further more Texas is the 5th state that produces a lot of oil.            In conclusion, there are many cites visitors can see in Texas. For instance, like the landscapes in Texas like the; forests, canyon, mountains, and seacoasts. In east Texas the trees are covered with pine cones and there are dams, rivers, can create artificial lakes. Visitors in Central Texas can see Johnson National Historical park. Lastly, most visitors in Texas love its cites.