King Tut was born in about 1341 bce and was born in Egypt. Along with that his birth place was Amarna. Tut had buckteeth as a child. His parents are unknown. Also he was married to Ankesenamun. In addition the couple produced no male heirs. After he got married they moved to Memphis. Later in his life he got a broken leg. Then he died in about 1323 Bce and was buried with all his favorite stuff. Finally researchers continue to find out new things about his life.

            King Tut is famous for many reasons. For instance he was a pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. Along with that he was the twelfth ruler. In addition he was a 20th century mummy. He was crowned king in Memphis at the age of nine. It is a mystery of how he died but researchers believe he died because of a broken leg. Along with that he was in the Valley of the King by an archeologist named Howard Carter in1922. The tomb had for main rooms an annex antechamber burial chamber treasury and an entrance passage. There they found boats couches chests statues chariots a throne and other things. Also his tomb was made out of solid rock.  In addition Tut’s tomb was protected by an inner coffin middle coffin outer coffin sarcophagus inner shrine second shrine third and an outer shrine. Finally his 1000s of artifact are on display all around the world and his most famous one is his golden death mask.                                                                                                                    King Tut made impacts on other peoples lives in many ways. One way is that he made archeologist busy  by  studying his tomb for example  the hieroglyphics in his tomb. In addition he made archeologist wonder about his life for instance how he died who were his parents and many other things. Finally his discovery may change the way we look at ancient Eygpt.

            King Tut life is admirable because he restored old religious beliefs. He did that because the people wouldn’t want to learn a different culture. Also he restored old holy temple images and privileges of old gods. Plus he freed the gods that were imprisoned by Akhenaton who was a king. That is why King Tut is an admirable pharaoh.






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By: Thomas Petruskevicius