Jim was swimming in the light blue water. He wanted food but he could not take those fresh chunks of fleshy meat. His mother had told the little striped bass no. Nevertheless, Jim thought she was wrong. Jim wanted to be bigger. He thought bigger was better. He wanted to get bigger so he can eat those chunks. However, the bass was barely a foot long. Jim was being fed up of being told no. So Jim actually thought of taking the fish chunks, but swam home. Times are tough he thought.

The following morning Jim saw fish get pulled out of the water. This was normal to him. It happens all the time. Jim has heard stories that these fish never returned. Jim was so hungry his stomach growled like an earthquake. So he watched the fish fight for their lives. Jim was so hungry he actually took the bait and was out of the water in less then five seconds. “Eh it’s too small” then the angler threw him back into the water. If he had been bigger, it would have ended another way. So Jim had learned his lesson bigger is not always better.