Neil Armstrong was born in august 5 1930 in Wapakonetay Ohio.  His parents were Vilio and Steven. 6 years later Neil Armstrong had went on his first plane ride and ever since he made model planes and wanted to be a pilot.  When Neil Armstrong was 17 he went to college at Purdue University studying aeronautical engineering.  Next in 1950 Neil was a pilot for the Korean War.  For the Korean War Neil had flown a total of 78 missions.  2 years later Neil had went back to college and got his college degree.  In 1956 Neil had married Janet Shearon and had three children. The names of the children were Eric, Karen, and Mark. Karen sadly died of a brain tumor at age 2.  In 1970 Neil had gotten his masters degree and was a Professor in aerospace engineering at a university in Cincinnati From1971 to 1979. In 1994 Neil divorced his wife and shortly after that he married Carol Held Knight.

            Neil Armstrong was the first person to steep on the moon on July 20, 1969 and the machine was called the eagle but he did other things as a astronaut.  For example 1962 flew X-15 and reached 39 miles above earth witch is the edge of space. Neil had flown the Gemini 8 with David R. Scott in 1966. The mission was for him and David R. Scott to join together two spacecrafts in space called docking. In 1968 he flew Lunar landing Research vehicle that was like the lunar module that would eventually land on the moon.  He piloted Apollo 11 for moon landing mission in 1969.  Thatís how Neil and two other people landed on the moon.  The first words Neil said on the moon were one small step for man one big leap for mankind.   In 1970 he resigned from in astronaut.

            Neil Armstrong was a great man and made an impact on others lives.  In 1950 to 1952 Neil Armstrong fought in war and risked his life to help us win the war.  He also taught kids to make them more educated and smarter that also an impact on others.  Lastly he inspired kid to be an astronaut so if they didnít know what they were going to be now they have something.

            Some things that Neil Armstrong did were very remarkable to me.  He spent more than half of his day training for space that showed he was serious about what he was doing. Neil won lots of awards for example he won three medals for courage in war, 1970 Robert H. Goddard memorial trophy, 1969 Robert J. Collier, trophy1978 congressional space medal of honor, and lastly 1969 presidential medal of freedom.  How many people won that many awards thatís very remarkable to me.

            Neil Armstrong made an impact on others but you could also learn a lesson from him.  One lesson you could learn from him is if you work really hard you will have a successful life.  Another lesson you could learn is if you give so much effort and you are determined and you could do anything.  Lastly if you dream of something donít say it wonít come true because Neil Armstrong dreamed of being a pilot and his dream came true.








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