March 6, 1972 in Newark New Jersey Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal was born. His parents were Lucille O’Neal and his step father Phillip Harrison. As a child Shaq was so tall that his mom had to carry around his birth certificate to prove his age. Since Shaquille’s dad was in the military his family moved a lot like to Germany. When he moved back to the United States Shaq attended LSU. As a child Shaquille wanted to be an actor or dancer, but turned out to be an actor, a rapper, and one of the most dominant centers in basket ball. Besides being a great basket ball player Shaq has also stared in several movies and made several albums. Once he slam dunked so hard that he shattered the back board into thousands of pieces. Later on in his life Shaq was also a police officer. He lives on Star Island Miami Florida. Shaquille has five kids that he loves.

            Shaquille is famous in many ways. First of all he is a great basket ball player. Also he’s a rapper and actor. I n 2006 he stared in a show called Shaq’s Big challenge witch is a show that helps kids get in shape. Shaquille stared in several movies such as Steel, Kwanza, and Blue chips. He also made albums like Steel, Shaq Diesel, and You Can’t Stop the Reign. Shaq had a contract worth $122,000,000 once and made about $222,000,000 in all. The 7 foot 315 pound Shaq won a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics for basketball. The leagues most valuable player Shaq played on four teams. The Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, and the Phoenix Suns. On February 10, 1998 Shaq scored his 10,000th point. He was the first rookie since Michael Jordan to play in the All Star game. Finally, Shaq was NBA’s rookie of the year.

            Shaq had a huge impact on others lives. One way is that he buys food for the homeless. That means some people can finally eat food. Another way is he  buys gifts for kids in the hospital. When he dose that kids are happy to get presents when their sick. Lastly he donates millions of dollars to charities. That means people can find cures to sicknesses. Finally, Shaq helps lots of people in this country.

            Shaquille is admirable in many ways. One way is its admirable how he grew up in a poor town and made something out of himself he was determined to be a great basket ball player. It is also admirable how he went from college player to most valuable player that shows how series he is. Finally, I think its admirable how he’s a basketball player, rapper, and actor that cool how he’s famous in three ways.

            There’s a huge amount of lessons you can learn from Shaquille O’Neal. One of them is never give up if you do that then you’ll eventually get it right. Another lesson is keep on trying. He kept on trying and look where he turned out to be. Finally, one more lesson is that hard work = success. Shaq always worked hard and he got success.
















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