The Big Problem


          Once upon a time, there lived two girls named Valerie and Laura that both ruled beautiful gigantic stone castles that stood in the big green grassy fields with a nice dark blue glistening pond not too far away.

          One day Valerie and Laura had a big problem over by their castles. Hallie the giant that stood over 40 feet tall, had come to their lands from the big white clouds and was really angry. What was the matter?  Valerie thought. Suddenly Hallie started walking towards the dark blue glistening pond. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! went Hallie as she walked. Laura and Valerie where both so frightened, if their castles are destroyed they could loose millions and millions of dollars! Suddenly Hallie had made her hands into a scoop shape and scooped almost all of the water from the pond with her hands.

 As soon as Valerie felt it was time to do something about this she immediately picked up the phone and called Marissa the fairy to come and help keep Hallie away from the castles even longer. Suddenly, Marissa had flown towards Hallie with her sparkly blue dress and magical wand and started to talk to Hallie so she could be distracted. “So Hallie how is your day going?” Marissa asked. And from that moment, the conversation started. Valerie needed to tell Laura that danger is coming so she called Yasmeen and Gianna their servants to come and make loud sounds from their instruments so it can be like an alarm system. Too! Too! Too! Went the sounds of the trumpet and saxophone.  The sounds where so loud that Laura immediately ran outside as fast as she can to get away from the danger.       

 “Help me Valerie!” Marissa shouted, “Hallie is chasing me!” Marissa shouted again.  So, Valerie knew she had to do something so Valerie ran out of her gigantic stone castle. “Quick Marissa! Use your magic wand to make me fly!” Valerie shouted as she ran. POOF! Went the sound of Marissa’s wand as she casted her charm on Valerie to make her fly. Suddenly, Valerie began to feel her floating off the ground. She immediately knew that she was flying.         

 So Valerie flew up into the sky to Hallie’s face and asked, “Why have you brought danger to our kingdom?”  Hallie who had settled down replied, “Well you see you and Laura both have such nice beautiful gigantic stone castles that I was just so jealous of you two so I wanted to destroy your castles.”  “Well Hallie that doesn’t mean that you can destroy our castles” Laura added on. “You put not only Valerie and Laura in danger but you put me, Yasmeen, and Gianna in danger too!” Marissa told Hallie. So, Valerie told Hallie to put all the water back into the pond and say sorry to everyone. “Sorry everybody” Hallie said. And everybody lived peacefully with no danger near them.