Vermont has many qualities. The capital of Vermont is Montpelier, and the states nickname is The Green Mountain State. On March 4,1791 Vermont became the 14th state. Finally, did you know the state bird is the

Hermit Thrush. More than 100 covered bridges cross the states rivers, creeks, and streams. Covered bridges were built in the early 1800s. The roofs and walls of the covered bridges kept the floors clear of any rain, ice, and snow. Plus it kept the wood from rotting too.

The Green Mountain State has a numerous amount of square miles its size is 9,615, in kilometers it is 24,902.Vermont is located in the Northeastern part of the United States. Also New York borders Vermont to the west. In addition, when you go to Vermont go and see the land region.

Vermonters are what people are called in Vermont. The population in Vermont is 608,827, from the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau. But now its 630,337and counting. The Green Mountain State is the second smallest state. In addition, almost the whole entire population is white, 95% is. 1% is African American, 1% is Hispanic American and, 0.4% is Native American. When you go to Vermont there are many different kinds of people there.

Vermont has many interesting facts about history. In history, people first arrived in Vermont about 12,000 years ago. In the 1300s 3 groups of Native Americans settled in Vermont. In 1609, explorer Samuel de Champlain claimed what is now Vermont for France. In 1764, King George 3rd of England ruled New Hampshire. In 1775, the Revolutionary War began, it started from (1775- 1783) it lasted for 8 years. Since 1950, the state has nearly gained 200,000 people. Vermont is home to many businesses. One of the biggest businesses there is tourism it makes $2 billion dollars each year in Vermont. Another business there is Ben & Jerrys homemade ice- cream. Manufacturing is Vermonts single largest business. Vermont has many sights to see and interesting facts to hear. Vermonts largest cities are: Burlington, Rutland, South Burlington Barre, Montpelier, St. Albans Winooski, Newport and, Vergennes. The states flower is the Red Clover and, the state tree is the Sugar Maple. The state animal is the Morgan Horse and the state song is Hail, Vermont by Josephine Hovey Perry. In 1777, Vermont was a free and Independent state. Montpelier has been Vermonts capital since 1805. Vermonts current capitol was built in 1859. In conclusion, when go to visit Vermont I hope you have a wonderful time. Also, Katherine Paterson was born in China but moved to Barre, Vermont in 1964.