On June 24, 1974 Derek Sanderson Jeter was born. Derek’s mom is Caucasian. His dad is African American. Derek’s father played college baseball. He wasn’t just a player in the field; he had a job as a student counselor. A half a decade later Derek started T-Ball. Jeter plays almost every day. He was also shooting hoops. His nickname was D.J.

             As time grew Derek Jeter played in the Little League World Series. He started High School at Kalamazoo, Michigan. He continued playing sports in 1989.Three years into High School he hit seven home runs. Derek also played basketball. He was the big star and won several awards. Derek was the star attraction. He accepted a scholarship to Michigan. The six foot three Derek Jeter was drafted. In the year 2000 Jeter was compared with Alex Rodriguez and Nomar Garciaparra at playing shortstop.

               Derek has a lot of things he favors. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is Chicken Parmesan. Jeter’s favorite place is Puerto Rico and he has a fear of animals.

                Amazingly Derek was drafted in 1992 and he was sixth overall pick. In 1994 he was promoted a spot on the Yankees. In 1996 he was the first opening day rookie shortstop since 1962. With an awesome season he led to their first World Series since 1978. That year Jeter won Rookie of The Year. In 2000 he won MVP in the All-Star game and the World Series. A few years later he became Captain of the Yankees. After all the years Jeter led to four World Series. In 2007 he hit 12 homeruns, 206 hits; his on base percentage was .388 and his slugging percentage was.452.

                  Derek initiated the “Turn 2 Foundation, “to keep kids from doing drugs. He guided people by being generous and visits hospitals. Jeter won an award for community service. Derek is a generous man.

                   He has an admirable and remarkable life. At a very young age he was known as good player .This remarkable because not a lot of people are known quickly. Jeter’s dream to become famous was true. I admire his hard work to get a gold glove award. I admire his courage to go meet president Clinton for an honor. He is a very kind person. Now Derek Jeter is living a normal life and is still playing baseball.