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Jeff the ant was working for his queen, caring her eggs that she just laid. Jeff was really tired. He hated his job. He wanted his friendís hanks job. Hank would carry dirt out of their colane and place it outside. Jeff the sneaky ant always wanted to see out side of their colane. He had an idea. The next day they were eating, breakfast meanwhile Jeff snook off to hank. Hank said what are you doing here. Jeff replied I wanted to work for the queen. Hank said sure, but only for a month they. They both shook on it.

Know one notice that hank was Jeff and Jeff was hank. That night Jeff was looking at all the cars driving down the street. Jeff started to have an idea to ride one. There colane was located by a road. Their would be people playing with RC cars were just small enough. It was a red slim car. Jeff was excited. His plan was working out. A month later Jeff waited and waited for the perfect chance. The people went inside.

Jeff moved to the RC car. He could not believe his eyes. Jeff waited for a long time for this day. He read it and it siad xo1. He did not know what it ment. He called same of his friends to see the car. There mouth drop. They went on the car. Jeff counted down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, the car did not go. They do not know why. They all wondered. The kid came out and started to hit the switch. All the ants were so happy. Jeff said here we go. ZOOM they went to 0 to 60 in 2 seconds. They were going faster and faster. All of his friends were falling off but he did not care. He loved it. The car shouted for more power. Jeff went 100 mph. his lips went over his head. His day was over. He worked for his queen for the rest of his life.††