††† The state capital of Virginia is a Richmond. The state insect is called the Tiger Swallow tail butterfly. I think itís a very interesting name for a butterfly. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of independence there. The famous boat is The Chesapeake bay Dead rise.

††† Virginia is known as a mid Atlantic state. The Piedmont is in the middle of Virginia. The eastern part of Virginia is flat and sandy and the western part of Virginia is covered with mountains.

††† Some people of have European backgrounds, African American backgrounds, Native American backgrounds, Hispanic American, and Asian American backgrounds.

††† English explorers claimed the region and named it Virginia they built Jamestown on the James River. England placed heavy taxes on the colonist in the 1760ís. Leaders from different colonies come together. George Washington became head of the continental army and was born in Virginia. In 1781 the British surrendered at York town, Virginia.

††† Some jobs they have are working for government, making goods. Mining and farming.

††† The revolutionary wars last battle was fought at York town in Virginia. In 2001 Nearly 200 people at the pentagon got killed. The civil war was fought in Virginia.