West Virginia


††††††††† The mountainís state of West Virginia or the mountain state its nickname is a very interesting state with a whole lot of carotids. First of all it became a state in 1863 and was youed in the revjasanary war. Furthermore the state bird and the state butter fly are the cardinal and the monarch butterfly. Finely it has a population of 1,859,819 mountaineers according to the 2010 senses.

††††††††† The land of West Virginia is filled with gigantic mountains and long voyage valleys with a heist point of 4,820 feet above sea level called spruce knob. In addition the lowest point is a long river at Harpers Ferry and it is 240 feet above sea level it is cool to know that some of the states largest cities are in the river valleys.

††††††††† West Virginia has a bunch of mountaineers. It is spiriting to know that about 95% of West Virginias have an era peon back round.

††††††††† West Virginia has a very big and inspiring history. For stares in 1607, England founded West Virginia. Also settlers from other collies arrived in the 1700, s. Furthermore by 1775, the us government had forced Native Americans out of West Virginia. That last thing is that by 1800 about 79,000 people lived there.

††††††††† The last thing I am going to talk about is business. The one big thing about West Virginias business is that West Virginias maneuvering and alcoholicer are ran in its capital Carleton.

††††††††† In conclusion West Virginia has many sties to see and to make memories at. Some of them are Berkeley springs, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, The Monongahela forest. The Monongahela forest is a grate place to go because it is a grate place to cent with nacher. Finely West Virginia is a magnisfint place to make memories at and charorish for ever.†††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††